Write Amazon Bestsellers with AI

From New Idea
to Amazon Hit:
Unleash AI &
Write Your Bestseller
In A Weekend

Have you ever stared at your computer screen, wrestling with words that just won’t flow? 

You’re not alone. 

I am 100% sure that you, like so many skilled online marketers, have what it takes to write a bestseller on Amazon.

Yet you find yourself trapped in a maze of unfinished projects and missed opportunities.

It’s a familiar struggle: the desire to share your expertise and the daunting task of writing a book that resonates and sells.

But what if I told you that your story could be different? 

Imagine waking up to see your name on Amazon’s Bestseller list. 

Picture yourself as the admired author in your niche, and your inbox flooded with appreciation from readers and peers alike. 

Visualize the financial success that follows, not just as fleeting income, but as a sustainable, rewarding career with cash from Amazon sales flowing in for years.

This isn’t just a distant dream.
It’s an achievable reality, and the pathway there is less complicated than you think.

Stay with me, and I’ll show you my new and unique system that will turn your writing aspirations into a big hit on Amazon!

Hi, I’m Jim Van Wyck. 

Jim Van Wyck

As a current VP of Marketing in a national health insurance agency, writing plays a big role in my daily work.

But, there’s something from my past that’s really important for you to know.

Before stepping into marketing, I spent a decade running a bookstore.

That experience isn’t just a footnote; it’s a cornerstone. It taught me about trends, customer preferences, and the real nitty-gritty of what sells. This isn’t just about books—it’s about understanding people and what they value.

So, why does this matter to you?

Because these insights from my bookstore days are what I bring to helping you research, write, publish and promote your book!

A Decade of Book Mastery

I spent 10 amazing years running Words Worth Books right in the bustling heart of downtown Calgary.

Words Worth Books

Over those years, I’ve bought and sold books worth millions of dollars.

This experience wasn’t just about transactions, though.

It was a deep dive into understanding the market’s pulse.

I got a real feel for what books fly off the shelves and which ones linger a bit longer. I’ve seen trends come and go and have developed a sixth sense about what makes a book a hit.

Every day was a new lesson in the book world, and I soaked it all up. From the nitty-gritty of order logistics to the thrill of seeing a book sell out – it’s been a hands-on journey in the true art of bookselling.

When it comes to knowing what books will sell, I’ve got the experience that counts!

But let me tell you, actually writing a non-fiction book myself?

That was a whole different ball game. 

I wanted to share my insights and experiences in self-help and business books, but the challenges were real.

First off, writing articles, emails, or blog posts is one thing; crafting a full-length book is another. I needed to provide sustained, valuable content that could genuinely help people. The depth of development and structure was something I wasn’t used to.

Then there was the time commitment. A book isn’t written overnight. It takes dedication, something hard to maintain with a busy professional life. And writer’s block? It hit me more times than I care to admit. Sitting there, ideas stalled, was frustrating.

The research was intense, too. To provide valuable insights and advice, I had to dig deep, which was daunting. And the self-doubt, oh boy. Was my content good enough? Would it stand out on Amazon amidst thousands of other business and self help books?

Not to mention structure challenges. How do you keep a non-fiction book engaging? How do you ensure it flows logically and keeps the reader’s attention?

Writing books on amazon is a struggle.
The struggle to write a bestselling book is real!

And let’s not forget the market pressure. I needed this book to resonate with readers, to actually sell on Amazon.

I worked for a full year with ChatGPT to get it to write books like a human.  But finally, it was like having a brilliant ghostwriter who delivers! This AI breakthrough helped me bridge the skill gap, turning my expertise into a well-structured, engaging book. 

With ChatGPT and my secret prompts, I found a way around writer’s block. It offered fresh perspectives and ideas, kickstarting my creativity whenever I felt stuck. It even does the research.

Best of all, it helped me overcome my doubts. ChatGPT gave objective feedback, allowing me to experiment without the fear of not being perfect. It also helped with plotting and structuring my book, ensuring it flowed well and kept the reader engaged.

And the market pressure? Once I trained it, ChatGPT was invaluable in helping me tailor my content to what I knew my audience on Amazon would be eager to buy.

That’s how ‘Write Amazon Bestsellers With AI’ came to life

It’s not just a course. 

It’s my expensive experience, transformed into a course that will guide you through writing your non-fiction, self-help, or business books and getting them out there on Amazon. 

You’ll learn how to effectively research, structure your ideas, overcome writer’s block, and much more.

Using this course will unlock the secret code to your writing success. It’s about turning your ideas into a book that not only sells but also genuinely helps and inspires your readers.

That’s my story of turning challenges into a breakthrough – and I can’t wait to help you do the same.

This course is for anyone who is…

  • Frustrated by the endless cycle of trying and failing to gain traction in the online business world, feeling like you’re running on a treadmill that’s going nowhere.
  • Dreaming of seeing your name on the Amazon Best Seller list, imagining the thrill and recognition that comes with such an achievement.
  • Exhausted from juggling a hundred different strategies, feeling like you’re a jack of all trades but master of none in the online marketing world..
  • Yearning for a breakthrough that turns your ideas into a lucrative stream of income, transforming your hard work into real, tangible rewards.
  • Overwhelmed with the complexities of writing a book, feeling like it’s a mountain too steep to climb with your current skills and time constraints.
  • Eager to carve out a niche for yourself, to be known as the go-to expert in your field, someone whose words carry weight and influence.
  • Hitting the wall with generating consistent, substantial online income, despite putting in the hours and effort.
  • Desiring the freedom and satisfaction that comes from owning a successful online business, where your voice and expertise make a difference.
  • Feeling the sting of unutilized potential, knowing you have great book ideas but lacking the technical know-how to bring them to life
happy writer creating amazon bestsellers
This could be you in a week or two!
  • Craving the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing and publishing a book, a tangible testament to your knowledge and dedication.
  • Tired of the relentless grind and little return, watching others succeed while you’re left wondering what you’re missing.
  • Wanting to leave a legacy, to create something that not only generates income but also imparts valuable knowledge and insight to your readers.
  • Frustrated by the elusive nature of effective online marketing strategies, feeling like you’re always a step behind the latest trends.
  • Dreaming of the day when financial worries are replaced by financial security, thanks to your thriving online business and bestselling book.
  • Feeling lost in the sea of online content, struggling to stand out and capture the attention your ideas deserve.
  • Longing to turn your expertise into a bestseller that opens doors, creates new opportunities, and establishes your authority in your niche.
  • Tired of the endless learning curve, where every online business venture seems to require a whole new set of skills and knowledge.
  • Eager to see the fruits of your labor, to finally enjoy the rewards of a successful online presence and a bestselling book.
  • Struggling with the balancing act of content creation and business management, feeling like there’s never enough time to excel at both.
  • Wanting to share your unique insights and experiences with the world, to inspire, educate, and make a real impact through your writing

Your Path to Publishing Success: Four Simple Steps

Embark on an exciting journey to becoming a best-selling author with our straightforward and comprehensive course. 

We’ve organized everything into four simple sections: Research, Write, Publish, and Promote. 

Each part is filled with concise, easy-to-follow video lessons tailored to guide you through every aspect of creating and selling your book on Amazon. 

Whether you’re just starting to explore book ideas or are gearing up to launch your masterpiece, our course lays out a clear, step-by-step path to success. 

research amazon bestsellers with ai

In our Research module, you’re going to dive into some cool AI methods that help You figure out what makes a book really click with readers on Amazon.

It’s not just about spotting hot topics; it’s about getting a real feel for what your audience loves and wants. Plus, I’ll show you how to put your own ideas to the test, helping you nail down that winning book concept that’s just waiting to take off.

Think of it as having a friendly chat with the market, making sure your book is something people are eager to read.

write amazon bestseller with ai

In the Write module, we will walk You through crafting an amazing outline to give your book the strong, compelling backbone it needs.

Think of it as building a solid foundation where your ideas can really shine.

And hey, don’t worry about hitting a creative block. You’ll get AI-powered, section-by-section writing prompts that’ll spark your imagination and keep those creative juices flowing.
Every chapter, every page you write will be packed with engaging and impactful content that readers won’t be able to put down. It’s all about turning your thoughts into words that dance off the page and straight into your readers’ hearts.

Unlocking Your Story: AI-Powered Writing That Feels Deeply Human

Once we’ve nailed down a spectacular outline, we dive right into the nitty-gritty of writing, piece by piece. But here’s the exciting part – it’s not just any ordinary writing. We use special AI-powered prompts that help churn out writing so engaging, so ‘human’, it feels like magic.

Think of it as building a solid foundation where your ideas can really shine.

And hey, don’t worry about hitting a creative block.

With these unique, AI-powered section-by-section prompts, your imagination will light up like never before. Every chapter, every page you write is going to be packed with content so captivating, your readers won’t be able to put your book down. It’s all about transforming your thoughts into words that dance off the page and captivate your readers’ hearts.

Let’s turn your writing journey into an unforgettable adventure! With these secret prompts, you’ll be crafting stories that resonate deeply and authentically.

Can’t wait to see the incredible stories you’re going to tell!

publish your amazon bestseller with ai

Let’s get you published!

The Publish module is your gateway to mastering the art of bringing your book to life on Amazon.

Whether it’s a sleek Kindle eBook or a beautifully crafted Print on Demand masterpiece, you’re going to learn how to do it all. We’re talking about diving into the nitty-gritty of formats, making sure your book looks perfect in any form.
But it’s not just about looks;
I’ll guide you through the tricks of the trade to optimize your listings. This means getting your book seen, and not just by a few, but by loads of eager readers.

Every element is a chance to shine and grab attention from the title to the description.

And guess what?

You’ll learn how to nail each one, boosting your visibility and driving those sales up. So, are you ready to see your name on that Amazon bestseller page?

Let’s make it happen together!

promote your amazon book with ai

Promotion time!

Get ready to jump into the amazing world of our Promote module, where every successful Amazon promotion strategy you can think of is at your fingertips.

It’s like unlocking a secret playbook filled with diverse, inventive ways to make your book the next big thing on Amazon.

Picture this: your book catching eyes and turning heads, all thanks to the killer marketing skills you’re about to learn.

This part of the course is where things get really exciting.

You’ll dive into a sea of promotional strategies, each one designed to put your book in the spotlight. From crafting magnetic book descriptions to mastering Amazon’s algorithm, you’re going to learn the ins and outs of making your book irresistible to readers. It’s all about connecting with your audience, making a buzz, and watching your success grow.

And the best part?

You’ll get to weave your own unique marketing tapestry, using tactics that not only get you noticed but also keep your readers coming back for more.

Let’s turn your book into something readers can’t stop talking about. Are you ready to amp up your promotion game?

Let’s do this!

Dive in and discover how each lesson in the course brings you closer to achieving your publishing dreams, simply and effectively.

Discover the ‘Niche Navigator’ method – Uncover hidden Amazon treasures that even the most seasoned online sellers overlook. (Lesson 1, Research module)

7 insider secrets to crafting a bestseller with AI – Techniques that turn your weekend writing into a publishing sensation. (Lesson 10, Write module)

A single, AI-generated phrase that can transform your book’s introduction from mundane to mesmerizing. (Lesson 3, Write module)

Why Beverly Hills marketers envy this unique, AI-optimized formatting technique) – And how you can use it to captivate readers. (Lesson 1, Format module

The shocking AI revelation that is flipping the script on traditional book writing – making seasoned authors gasp. (Lesson 10, Write module)

7 insider secrets

3 colossal mistakes to avoid when choosing your Amazon keywords – Don’t let these blunders tank your sales! (Lesson 6, Research module)

The secret Amazon algorithm ‘hack’ (Lesson 1, Promote module) that skyrockets your book to the top of the Best Sellers list – almost overnight.

An amazing AI discovery that helps even a novice craft content like a seasoned pro. (Lesson 10, Write module)

What NEVER to include in your book’s Amazon description (Lesson 3, Publish module) – Avoid these deal-breakers at all costs.

17 AI-assisted strategies for creating chapters so compelling, your readers won’t be able to put your book down. (Lesson 10, Write module)

How to exploit the ‘Print on Demand Mastery’ – Secrets to leveraging Amazon’s print service for maximum profit. (Lesson 2, Publish module)

The one tool I use  (Lesson 4, Format module) that guarantees your book’s formatting is flawless – impressing even the pickiest readers.

13 ways AI Author’s Assistant will revolutionize your writing process – Say goodbye to writer’s block forever. (Lesson 10, Write module)

The only proven strategy (Lesson 5, Promote module) for mastering Kindle Countdown Deals – Increase visibility and skyrocket sales.

Standing Apart: Why This Course is a Cut Above the Rest

In a sea of AI writing courses promising instant success, “Write Amazon Bestsellers With AI” stands out for its depth, integrity, and real-world expertise. Here’s why my course is different – and better:

avoice amateurs and sleazy marketers promising quick bucks
Avoid amateurs, one-prompt wonders, and sleazy internet marketers out to make a quick buck off of you.

  • Beyond Surface-Level Learning: Many courses offer superficial advice, skimming the surface of what it truly takes to be successful in writing and publishing. I dive deep, providing nuanced insights and practical skills developed from 10 years of industry experience owning Words Worth Books bookstore in downtown Calgary, Canada.
  • Rejecting the One-Prompt Wonder Approach: Some courses rely on simple, one-prompt formulas that result in what can only be called Amazon spam – low-quality, forgettable content. My course teaches you how to create rich, engaging, and valuable books that stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Authentic Experience, Not Greedy Marketing: The internet is rife with courses created by marketers looking for a quick profit, not true writing professionals. This course is crafted by a former bookstore owner and book buyer (that’s me)  with a decade of real, hands-on experience in the book industry. This isn’t about quick tricks; it’s about lasting success.
  • Escape Amateur Advice: Many courses are led by amateurs with limited experience in book writing and publishing. In contrast, my course is based on professional expertise, ensuring you learn from someone who truly knows the ins and outs of the industry.
  • No Quick Buck Mentality: Unlike courses designed by those chasing fast money, my focus is on building sustainable, long-term success for my students. I prioritize your growth and development as an author over the short-term gains that other “marketing gurus” teach.
  • Ethical and Responsible Teaching: I’m committed to ethical teaching practices, focusing on quality content rather than flooding Amazon with subpar books. This course is for serious writers who value integrity in their work.
  • In-Depth AI Integration: While other courses may touch on AI, I provide comprehensive training on leveraging AI in every step of your writing journey, from research to writing to publishing to promoting.

My  Unwavering Commitment: I’m dedicated to not just teaching you how to write and publish but to transforming you into a well-rounded, successful author. This course isn’t just another drop in the ocean of online writing courses; it’s a shining beacon for those who seek genuine, enduring success in the literary world.

Unlock More Success: Your Power-Packed Bonus Sessions

unlock more success with bonus sessions

You have seen the many benefits of our main course, now gear up for even more game changers – our specially curated bonus sessions.

These aren’t just extras; they’re your ticket to staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of Amazon publishing. Throughout 2024, these sessions will keep you updated with the latest in writing, publishing, and promoting Amazon bestsellers.

Whether you’re planning your first book or aiming to add several more to your list, these bonuses are tailored to ensure you have all the tools and insights needed for continuous success.

Dive in and discover how these sessions can elevate your authors journey to new heights.

Here’s a list of the bonus sessions for everyone who joins in January.

Your bonus sessions are each delivered via an interactive Zoom call where you get all your questions answered!

Two of these lessons will be offered each month throughout 2024. 
All sessions will be recorded and available for members to access throughout the entire year.

  • Expert-led Webinar on Advanced AI Writing Techniques
    • Description: A single, comprehensive webinar on advanced AI writing strategies and tips, including a live Q&A session.
    • Estimated Value: $200
  • Exclusive Author Community Networking Session
    • Description: A one-time interactive Zoom networking session with your private community of authors for idea sharing and feedback.
    • Estimated Value: $150
  • Book Cover Design Masterclass
    • Description: A specialized Zoom session on designing impactful book covers, led by a former book shop owner and expert in book covers..
    • Estimated Value: $250
  • Manuscript Review and Feedback Workshop
    • Description: A webinar where publishing experts review and provide feedback on book drafts, including strategies for improvement.
    • Estimated Value: $300
  • Amazon SEO Optimization Seminar
    • Description: A detailed Zoom seminar on mastering Amazon SEO, covering keywords, categories, and listing optimization.
    • Estimated Value: $180
  • Social Media Book Marketing Workshop
    • Description: A one-time interactive workshop focusing on leveraging social media platforms to promote your book effectively.
    • Estimated Value: $200
  • Podcast Guesting Strategy Session
    • Description: A Zoom session on how to land and leverage podcast guest spots for book promotion, including pitch templates and strategies.
    • Estimated Value: $150
  • Press Release Creation Webinar
    • Description: A webinar offering guidance on crafting effective press releases for your book launch, including templates and best practices.
    • Estimated Value: $120
  • Email Marketing for Authors Interactive Lesson
    • Description: An exclusive lesson on building and utilizing an email list effectively for book promotion, including strategies and tools.
    • Estimated Value: $200

These bonuses, delivered as one-off, in-depth sessions, will provide valuable learning opportunities in key areas of book writing, publishing, and promotion. The twice-monthly delivery ensures a consistent flow of additional content and learning opportunities for course members throughout the year.

Bonus Value is $1750 – that’s for an entire year of updates and support!

Bonus sessions will be archived in the membership area and in the Facebook support group if you cannot attend the live session.

Learning AI: Stories from My Students

Hear from people who’ve learned to write with AI with my help. They’ve done all sorts of cool stuff – like writing great blog posts and telling amazing stories, all with AI’s help.

It’s more than just book writing; it’s about finding new ways to put any idea into words.

My students have found new voices and ways to express themselves, turning their ideas into great writing. They’ve used AI to refresh old stuff and try out new kinds of writing. Their stories show just how flexible and useful AI can be for any kind of writing.

David Neal: “Jim over-delivered. What he gives you is immediately usable.”

Dan Shannon: “Jim is my favorite teacher. Your AI prompts save me time and money.”

Steve Kvidahl: “What he provides, you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a goldmine for AI.”

Holli Rovinger: “Beyond knowledgable and so kind. A+ stomp of approval!”

Bruce Carlson: “Great instructor. Shows how the prompts work and executes it. Always answers all questions. Great guy, great course.”

Michael Harris: “AI is the technology I have been waiting for. If you have even thought of taking his training, DO IT!”

Write Your Way to the Top: Amazing $299 Course Offer Only This January

Normally, this comprehensive course, along with the year’s worth of valuable bonus sessions and updates, is valued at $3249.

That’s $1499 for the course itself and an additional $1750 for the ongoing support and insights in the bonus sessions.

It’s an investment in your future as a bestselling author, and it’s worth every penny.

But I get it, that’s a hefty sum, and not everyone can swing it right now.

So, here’s my offer to you: After Amazon pays you your first $10,000 in royalties, you agree to send me a $500 bonus.

It’s all on the honor system – you keep track.
We Canadians are a trusting lot.

With this in mind, I’m temporarily slashing the cost. You can get started today with just a one-time payment of $299.

This is more than a discount; it’s an opportunity to kickstart your journey to writing success, making the path to becoming an Amazon bestselling author more accessible than ever. Don’t miss out on this chance to join us at a price that’s a steal.

The Clock is Ticking…

  • Only $299 if you act now.
  • Limited Time Offer:  Prices are skyrocketing to $499 on March 1st and the full $1499 on April 1st. This isn’t marketing speak – it’s your window of opportunity closing!
  • Doors Closing Soon: May 1st is your cut-off. Miss this, and you miss the chance to change your authoring game forever. It’s now or never!

Grab Your Destiny Now
This is it – your moment to shine. No more daydreaming about ‘what could be.’ \

Hesitation won’t write your book, only taking action will.
Let’s make you the author everyone talks about!

My Commitment,
Your Confidence:
28-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m not just confident. I’m absolutely certain that “Write Amazon Bestsellers With AI” is your game-changing ticket to authorial success. That’s why I  offer you my  28-Day Bestseller Guarantee.

If, within 28 days of embarking on this course, you don’t feel empowered, enlightened, and well on your way to becoming the successful author you’ve dreamed of, I’ve got you covered. Just reach out to me, and I’ll refund your investment in full, no questions asked.

This is more than just a guarantee; it’s my promise of transformation. I’m staking my reputation on your satisfaction and success. Your journey to financial and personal triumph as an author is risk-free. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Go ahead, take the plunge into the world of best-selling authorship with absolute peace of mind.

Write Amazon Bestsellers With AI is your springboard to writing stardom, and we’re with you every step of the way. Your success story starts now – risk-free, bold, and backed by our unwavering commitment to your authorial achievement!

Jim Van Wyck
jim van wyck

P.S. Seize this chance to become the author you’ve always dreamed of being!

Write Amazon Bestsellers With AI  is more than just a course; it’s a transformational journey. Along with the comprehensive benefits, you’ll delve deep into the heart of writing with AI, including:

  • AI-Infused Outlining: Create structured, compelling book blueprints with ease.
  • Chapter Creation with AI: Design chapters that captivate and engage from start to finish.
  • AI-Driven Introductions: Hook your readers from the very first line.
  • Seamless Narrative Flow with AI: Craft narratives that flow smoothly, keeping readers hooked.
  • And much much more.

All this, plus these exclusive benefits:

  • Expert niche research training for market success.
  • AI-assisted writing for enhanced creativity and efficiency.
  • Professional formatting for eBooks and print.
  • Detailed guides for Amazon publishing.
  • Advanced promotional strategies for boosting book visibility.

And don’t forget, my  Bold 28-Day Bestseller Guarantee means you can embark on this journey risk-free. If you’re not completely thrilled with the transformation in your writing career within 28 days, I  offer a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Don’t wait to start writing your success story.

Click here and join now! Your bestseller journey begins today.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dive Deeper into “Write Amazon Bestsellers With AI”

Q: How long does it take to see results after publishing my book on Amazon?

A: Unlike other online marketing businesses,  like building a website, creating an email list, or doing affiliate marketing, Amazon offers an immediate platform for results. Once you upload your book, sales can start rolling in on the same day. The speed of results can vary, but the Amazon platform is designed for quicker visibility and sales generation compared to any other online business model.

Q: How much money can I make with my Amazon book?

A: While it’s illegal and unethical for me to make specific income claims, many authors find themselves starting with daily earnings of $10 or $20 and see a steady rise from there. Your earnings will depend on factors like your book’s topic, quality, and how well you implement the marketing strategies taught in the course.

Q: Is it illegal or unethical to use AI for writing Amazon books?

A: No, it’s neither illegal nor unethical. Amazon requires transparency if AI is used exclusively for writing a book. However, in our system, AI acts as your writing assistant and expert ghostwriter, not as the sole content creator. Amazon values the high-quality books that result from this approach, where AI aids in enhancing the writing process.

Q: I don’t know anything about book marketing. Will I still be able to sell my book?

A: Absolutely! This course is designed to equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge for effective book marketing. Even if you start with no prior experience in book marketing, our comprehensive course will guide you through every step of promoting your book successfully on Amazon and beyond.

Q: What specific topics does the “Write Amazon Bestsellers With AI” course cover?

A: The course covers a broad range of topics essential for Amazon publishing success. This includes in-depth niche research, AI-assisted writing techniques, professional book formatting for both Kindle and print-on-demand and advanced book promotion strategies. Each section is filled with practical, actionable content.

Q: Can beginners in writing and publishing benefit from this course?

A: Absolutely! The course is designed to be accessible for beginners while providing advanced insights that benefit experienced authors. No prior experience is needed, just a passion for writing and a willingness to learn.

Q: What makes this course different from other writing courses?

A: Our focus on using AI to enhance the writing and publishing process sets this course apart. We provide up-to-date, AI-driven strategies and tools that are changing the writing landscape, ensuring our participants are at the forefront of these innovations.

Q: How long are the video lessons, and are they accessible at any time?

A: The video lessons are concise yet comprehensive, designed to fit into busy schedules. Most are 15 to 20 minutes long. Once enrolled, you can access these lessons at any time, fitting your learning into your personal schedule.

Q: Is personalized feedback or one-on-one mentoring provided in the course?

A: While the course offers extensive resources and community support via a private Facebook group, personalized one-on-one mentoring is available at an additional cost, providing direct feedback on your writing and strategies. 

Q: Are the course materials updated regularly?

A: Yes, the course materials are updated regularly to reflect the latest trends and developments in AI writing and Amazon publishing, ensuring you’re always equipped with current knowledge.  I will be updating the course videos and bonus Zoom sessions with every new development in the rapidly changing field of writing with AI.

Q: What is the total value of the bonuses, and how do they add to the course?

A: The bonuses, valued at $1,750, complement the course by providing additional resources and learning opportunities, such as webinars on AI writing, workshops on book cover design, and manuscript review sessions.  They also allow me to keep you updated on changes in Amazon or AI writing.

Q: How does the 28-Day Money-Back Guarantee work?

A: If within 28 days of enrolling, you feel the course hasn’t met your expectations, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. This guarantee is my commitment to the course’s value and your satisfaction.

Q: Can I get a certificate upon completing the course?

A: Currently, I do not offer a formal certificate, but completing the course will equip you with tangible skills and knowledge to succeed in writing and publishing on Amazon.

Q: How long do I have access to the course materials and community?

A: You’ll have access to all course materials, the bonus calls,  and the author support community for the entire year of 2024. This access includes all updates and new content added during the year. AI will progress a lot this year, and I’ll keep you updated.

Q: Are there any live sessions or interactive components in the course?

A: Yes, the course includes live webinar bonus sessions and interactive workshops, providing opportunities for real-time learning and interaction with myself and guest experts.

Q: Do I need advanced technical knowledge to take this course and publish my book?

A: Not at all. My course is designed with all skill levels in mind. You don’t need advanced technical knowledge to succeed. I  guide you through every technical aspect, from using AI tools for writing to navigating Amazon’s publishing platform. The lessons are straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring everyone, regardless of their technical background, can follow along and achieve success.

Q: I’m not very computer-savvy. Will I still be able to follow the course and use the tools effectively?

A: Absolutely. We understand that not everyone is a computer expert, and our course is tailored to accommodate varying levels of computer literacy. The video lessons are simple, and clear, and include step-by-step instructions. Plus, our support community is always available to help if you encounter any challenges. Our goal is to make your learning experience as smooth and accessible as possible.

Q: How much do I need to know about Amazon’s system before starting the course?

A: You don’t need any prior knowledge about Amazon’s system. My course covers everything you need to know about publishing on Amazon, from the basics to more advanced strategies. I  take you through the entire process: setting up an account, understanding Amazon’s guidelines, uploading your book, and optimizing your book’s listing for maximum visibility and sales.