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3 simple steps to make money with AI

3 Simple Steps To Make Money With AI

It’s simpler, easier & faster to make money online than ever.
Discover how AI makes this happen.

Marketing gurus like to make it seem more complicated than it is.

Make money with AI
Use AI to make a little money online with these 3 simple steps to profits.

Watch the video below to learn this 3 step path to prosperity.

Founders of Ship 30 For 30
Founders of Ship 30 For 30

Dickie Bush (left) and Nicolas Cole (right) from the outstanding Ship 30 For 30 writing course helped me sharpen and refine my thinking on this issue. I took their course in 2020, and it’s THE best course for anyone who wants to write on the internet. I have followed their work closely ever since. The prompts at the bottom of this page are based on their work.

The basic concept is simple.
1. Write about a topic
2. Create a freebie and give it away
3. Sell a more advanced version of the freebie.

3 steps to make money
3 Simple steps
write about a topc
give away a freebie
upsell the advanced version
Follow these steps for reliable profits.
Follow these steps for reliable profits.
Money flows to you when you solve a problem for your audience.
Money flows to you when you solve a problem for your audience.
Make money anywhere, just you and your laptop.
Make money anywhere, just you and your laptop.

Template Prompts

Templates for list building

⇒ Act as direct marketing expert.. I want to create a free template I can give away to people who follow my content on  [social media, FB, IG, Twitter, etc]

 I will give you my niche, tell you a little about it, and then you will give me 20 ideas for templates I can give away for free in the form of a document or digital download. Are you ready for my niche?

⇒ Continue to act as a direct  marketing expert.

Now I want you to create the template for me. 
Use [your example 1]

Here are the sections for the template:

– A quick blurb to explain WHO it’s for, SO THAT the target reader can solve a specific problem/unlock a specific outcome. For example, “Welcome to {Named Template FOR WHO, SO THAT}! This will help you {DO WHAT?}.”

– A brief overview of how the template works.

– A list of the steps, tips, mistakes, etc. the person should follow to get the outcome you promise. It must be something the niche can clearly follow and/or “fill in” themselves—in order to solve a specific problem.

FORMAT: Use Markdown formatting to structure the landing page. Utilize #H1, ##H3 for headings, bold for emphasis, and bullet points for lists.

Please create the template now 

⇒ now give me concepts and ideas for the design and layout of this template that I can send to my designer.

⇒ now suggest a page by page description of the template to send to my designer

⇒ ==> now give me instructions so I can make this myself in Canva

NOTE – ChatGPT can sometimes confuse the topics in the email series.
Watch carefully and give the chatbot directions for each email if unsatisfied.
I have made some small changes in the email prompt below to make it perform better than in the video above.

⇒ Good. Now create a series of emails from [first name at] Start with a warm and friendly welcome email for the person who downloaded the template.  Write in the first person singular.  The welcome email should outline how the reader will get an email each week giving more details about how to put each part of the template into action. 

The welcome email also includes a  tip based on the template above.  

The following 9 emails should include the tip of the week, directly based on the template, more details about that tip, and a gentle call to action to check out the exclusive Facebook Group [facebook address].  

Emails 8 9 and 10 should have a progressively stronger and bolder call to action to learn about the next step [upsell].  Make each subject line interesting and highly clickable. 

Mention the template topic  in each subject line, but be creative and bold.

Young or old, black or white, anyone can do this!
Young or old, black or white, anyone can do this!
Get started making a little money today!
Get started making a little money today!

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