AI Web Profits Course

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A Tsunami Of AI Content
Is Coming For Your Website

AI will obliterate your business
or make you wonderfully wealthy.
Are you going to drown or surf the wave?

Dear Fellow Web Publisher,

Are you thrilled or terrified about Artificial Intelligence (AI) threatening to swamp your business?
The right response is BOTH!

In the next two years, 80% of all niche sites will be crushed by AI publishing, while the rest of us will be raking in the riches.

ChatGPT reached 100 million users in 2 months.
GPT4 was released on March 14th and will write up to 60 pages of content from one prompt.  Hordes of hungry entrepreneurs all across the globe are using it, Jasper, and other AI tools to crank out thousands of mediocre (or worse) pages every day. 

Sadly many websites will be obliterated.

But for those of us who embrace these AI tools and use them in smart ways, the future is bright.

Behind that tsunami wave of AI-created junk content is what I call…

The Second Wave Of Wealth

Look, I know it’s scary.

You’ve worked hard on your website and did it the right way.

But AI technology is changing the world, and our websites will be the first to be affected.

Think of it this way.
Men with muskets and horses won the American Revolution.

But that same patriot today will not survive against assault rifles, tanks and drones.

That is the hard truth we face.

Better tools and weapons win the war!

Maybe you are familiar with ChatGPT or MidJourney or any number of the flood of AI tools that other marketers and web publishers are already using to outcompete your website.
I want you to know how to use these tools, and others, to turn the tide of the AI Web War, and put your competitors into full retreat.
There are smart ways to use these tools, and simple lazy ways that produce the mediocre content that will be drowning the web.

I want you to be a smart, successful AI content creator who produces the superior content that’s required for success in the AI Content Wars.

AI Web Profits: Experience Unprecedented Growth with Your Four-Part Digital Domination Formula!

AI Copy, AI Images, AI SEO and AI Productivity

Experience the future of online marketing by leveraging AI to: 

  • write magnetic copy that keeps readers hooked
  • design eye-popping images that leave viewers spellbound 
  • dominate SEO rankings
  • boost your productivity to levels you never thought possible

AI Copywriting Mastery: Watch Your Profits Soar with Enthralling, Irresistible Text!

AI writes copy that commands attention – your secret weapon for unstoppable success.

Harness the unmatched power of AI as it revolutionizes copywriting, crafting mesmerizing text that captures the hearts and minds of your audience. 

Unearth the secrets of persuasive, high-converting copy effortlessly, and watch your sales figures skyrocket. Armed with AI’s linguistic prowess, your copy will flow like a riveting novel, your headlines will entrance like sirens’ songs, and your calls-to-action will prove impossible to resist. 

Short copy can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal – but only if it’s done right.
And that’s where AI comes in.
Learn the prompts that command AI to write short, punchy copy that grabs your audience’s attention and never lets go. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently AI can turn your ideas into concise, compelling copy that leaves a lasting impression.

Why waste your time struggling to come up with the perfect words when you can have AI do it for you – faster, better, and more efficiently than you ever thought possible?

Short and Medium Length Copy Optimization With AI

  • Discover prompts that act as your content planner:
    Imagine inputting a blog post and then breaking that into long-form and short-form content for all your platforms.  Now you too will use the model Alex Hormozi, Gary Vee, and so many others use of repurposing their long form blog posts for content across many platforms
  • The Cutting-Edge News Curation Revolution:
    Tap into the exclusive power of our secret post-GPT4 prompts, transforming your content into a finely curated news source that propels you to the forefront of your niche, solidifying your position as the go-to destination for the most captivating and relevant content in your niche! The release of GPT-4 puts a whole new style of content curation at your fingertips, but only if you’re in the know.
  • Highly Engaging blog posts:
    AI will generate high-quality, engaging blog posts that attract more visitors to your site, increasing the chances of converting them into paying customers. But if you use unimaginative, straightforward prompts, your content will be the same as thousands of other AI-created articles.  I’ll show you my secret series of prompts that forces AI to write like a human.
  • AI-powered CTAs that ignite action and boost profits!
    Learn the prompts that capture attention, foster emotional connections, and motivates users to take action, outshining the lackluster, one-size-fits-all nature of traditional CTAs
  • Irresistible Clickbait, Guilt-Free:
    Entice your audience with tantalizing headlines that promise excitement and deliver satisfaction, turning casual browsers into loyal followers.
  • Turn Your Social Media Posts Into Scroll-Stopping Sensations:
    Command attention with thumb-stopping content that leaves your followers craving more, transforming your brand into a social media powerhouse.
  • Your Product Descriptions: Irresistible Temptation
    Craft tantalizing product descriptions that paint vivid, irresistible images in your customers’ minds, leaving them eager to experience your offerings firsthand.
  • Inbox All-Stars:
    Craft email subject lines that dominate the inbox battleground guaranteeing your message stands out amidst the clutter and secures that coveted open.
  • Keyword Magic:
    Seamlessly weave high-impact keywords into compelling copy that captivates your audience while satisfying search engines, maximizing your online presence.
  • Search Engine Superstars:
    Create SEO-optimized content that dazzles both readers and algorithms, skyrocketing your brand’s visibility and organic search rankings like never before.
  • Infographics Can Be Shareable Masterpieces:
    Create irresistible, share-worthy infographics that spread like wildfire across social media, amplifying your brand’s reach and attracting a wider audience.
    AI will help you and your team create visually appealing infographics that convey complex information in an easily understandable way, increasing engagement with your content.
  • Turn Video Scripts Into Viral Video Breakthroughs:
    Unleash the power of unforgettable video scripts that ignite social media buzz, propelling your content to viral stardom and elevating your brand’s influence.
    AI will generate scripts for videos that capture the viewer’s attention and compellingly convey your message, increasing engagement and conversions.
  • Social media ad copy, ROI-Boosting Brilliance:
    Unleash the power of captivating ad copy that maximizes engagement, conversions, and return on investment, transforming your social media ads into profit-generating machines.
  • Conversion-Crushing Copy:
    Craft landing page copy that hypnotizes visitors, guiding them through a persuasive narrative that compels action and drives conversion rates through the roof.
  • Newsworthy Knockouts:
    Craft press releases that command attention combining captivating storytelling with timely, relevant information to make journalists and media outlets take notice.
  • Case studies – Success Story Superstars:
    Transform your customers’ triumphs into gripping case studies that showcase the undeniable value of your product or service, turning prospects into believers.
  • News articles – Fact-Fueled Fascination:
    Deliver hard-hitting news articles that blend impeccable research with captivating storytelling, keeping readers informed and engaged from beginning to end.
  • Social media captions – Snappy Showstoppers:
    Craft witty, bite-sized social media captions that pack a punch, instantly grabbing your audience’s attention and elevating your visual content to new heights.
    AI will generate captions for your social media posts that are engaging and informative, increasing engagement and conversions.
  • Website Service Pages Copy – Attention-Grabbing Awesomeness:
    Craft enthralling website copy that seizes your visitors’ interest from the get-go, ensuring they stay glued to your site and explore its offerings.
    AI will help you write website copy for all your standard service pages that is informative, engaging, and optimized for conversions, increasing the chances of visitors becoming paying customers.
  • E-commerce product reviews – Balanced Brilliance:
    Skillfully blend praise with constructive feedback in your e-commerce product reviews, providing a comprehensive, trustworthy perspective that resonates with your audience and bolsters your brand’s credibility.
    AI will help you generate product reviews that are informative and persuasive, increasing sales and conversions.
  • Buyer’s guides – Trust-Building Transparency:
    Establish yourself as a reliable, unbiased source of information with honest, meticulously researched buyers’ guides that prioritize your audience’s best interests and foster long-lasting trust.
    AI will generate buyer’s guides that help customers make informed purchasing decisions, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction. WARNING! Don’t try this without learning about the new and improved “fact checking prompts” in the course.
  • Social media ads – Conversion Kings:
    Unleash the power of persuasive, targeted social media ads that drive engagement, boost click-through rates, and generate impressive returns on investment, elevating your brand to new heights.
    AI will generate ad copy and visuals for social media ads optimized for conversions, increasing the chances of converting viewers into customers.

Long-Form Copy Creation Secrets You Can’t  Find Anywhere Else

AI writes long copy you can’t take your eyes off. This image, just like every one on this page, was made with AI. You will learn how to make stunning images like this in your AI Web Profits course.

Experience the sheer power of AI to unlock the secrets of long-form copy creation, crafting mesmerizing content that dominates your niche and leaves your competitors trailing far behind.

  • The Unstoppable Google-Dominating Machine:
    Uncover the secret weapon of AI-powered copywriting that generates EEAT-approved content based on my secret prompts, skyrocketing your website to the top of Google’s search results and crushing others in your niche. But there is a torrent of same-old, same-old AI content being cranked out. If you copy a prompt from some website… or some app or extension, then you will be generating the same boring mediocre content that thousands of hungry competitors are spewing onto the internet and swamping your niche.
    I will help you rise above that flood of mediocrity.
  • The Ultimate Copywriting Elixir:
    Unveil our proprietary prompts that infuse your copy with a delightful blend of gentle humor, sparkling wit, and folksy phrases, creating a captivating reading experience that both readers and Google absolutely adore!
    Seamlessly humanize your AI-generated copy, endearing your content to your audience and turning casual readers into lifelong fans who can’t get enough of your unique style!
  • Generate long-form content with ease:
    With these prompts, you will generate long content like a master wordsmith, creating eBooks, white papers, and other lead magnets that drive engagement and conversions. But you must command the bots to write like a human and enforce this command with strategic pre-prompts. Simple prompts doom your long-form content to unread mediocrity.
  • Surpass human limitations:
    The right AI prompt transcends the boundaries of typical writers, consistently delivering top-notch content that rivals even the most skilled wordsmiths and convinces Google and your visitors of the humanity of your articles.
  • Create longer content that informs and educates – Knowledge-Boosting Epics:
    Craft in-depth, long-form content that delves into the heart of your subject matter, offering a treasure trove of valuable insights, tips, and strategies that leave your audience enlightened and eager for more.
    These prompts will help you create content that informs and educates your audience, positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry and increase credibility and authority.
  • Establish your brand as an industry expert – Expertise-Exuding Excellence:
    Craft content that showcases your in-depth knowledge and experience, positioning your site as an industry expert that visitors and Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines simply can’t ignore.
    You will create longer content that establishes your brand as an industry expert, building trust and increasing conversions.
  • The Ultimate Lead-Generating Juggernaut:
    Witness the unparalleled power of AI as it crafts the most compelling, irresistible lead magnets ever seen, turning casual visitors into red-hot leads and setting your sales funnel on fire!Creating lead magnets with these prompts will convert prospects into paying customers, boosting revenue and profitability.
  • Increase the value of your contentHyper-Optimized Masterpieces:
    Experience the magic of AI-powered content optimization as your long-form articles are sculpted into irresistible gems, delivering maximum impact and making every single word count!
    By using these long-copy prompts and their follow-up personalization prompts to create longer articles, eBooks, white papers, and other lead magnets, you will increase the perceived value of your content, boosting conversions and revenue.
  • Create content that solves BIG problems Be A Problem-Solving Powerhouse:
    Craft long-form content that delves deep into your target audience’s most pressing problems, offering comprehensive solutions that drive results and cement your brand’s reputation as a go-to problem solver.
    With these prompts, you will create content that solves your audience’s major pain points in ways that short-form content will not do. Solving bigger problems brings bigger profits.
  • Generate high-quality long-form content at scaleHyper-Optimized Masterpieces:
    Experience the magic of AI-powered content optimization as your long-form articles are sculpted into irresistible gems, delivering maximum impact and making every single word count!
    With these prompts, you will generate high-quality content at scale, meeting the demand for engaging and informative content in today’s digital landscape.
  • Create big content that tells a big story Big-Picture Thinking:
    Tackle the biggest problems facing your industry and your audience head-on, offering bold, innovative solutions that demonstrate your thought leadership and commitment to making a real impact.
    You will create content that tells bigger, better stories that engage your audience on a deeper emotional level, increasing brand loyalty, customer engagement, and greater sales.

AI-Generated Visuals: Capture Your Audience’s Imagination with Breathtaking, Unforgettable Imagery!

Creating the perfect AI-generated image is like stumbling upon a Ferrari in the forest – a rare and valuable treasure that has the power to drive your website’s profits to new heights.

Harness the awe-inspiring power of AI as it redefines the realm of digital visuals, forging spellbinding images that seize your audience’s attention and refuse to let go. 

Unleash an arsenal of stunning, customized graphics that amplify your brand’s message and resonate with your target market. 

With AI-driven image creation, each visual is meticulously crafted to evoke emotion, stir desire, and leave an indelible impression that keeps your prospects yearning for more. 

Embrace the captivating allure of AI-generated visuals – and watch your audience fall under the irresistible spell of your website’s visual storytelling!

  • Skyrocket your brand’s appeal Brand-Building Brilliance:
    Use AI-generated images to showcase your brand’s unique identity, values, and offerings in a way that is visually stunning and unforgettable, cementing your place as a trusted industry leader
    with stunning images that mesmerize and captivate your audience.
  • Gain a competitive edge – Speed and Efficiency:
    Harness the power of AI to rapidly generate high-quality images that meet the unique needs of your brand, saving time and streamlining your content creation process.
    with unique and visually appealing images that set your brand apart.
  • Boost engagement and conversions Conversion-Optimized Creativity:
    Use AI to optimize your images for conversion, experimenting with different styles, colors, and layouts to find the perfect combination that resonates with your audience and drives results with high-quality images that tell a story and leave a lasting impression.
  • The Ultimate Visitor Retention Powerhouse:
    Unleash the awe-inspiring potential of AI-generated visuals that draw visitors in and hold them captive, transforming casual browsers into devoted followers who can’t resist returning to your website!
  • The Visual Voice Amplifier:
    Embrace the phenomenal power of AI-generated images that perfectly convey your website’s personality and values, creating an authentic, unforgettable brand identity that resonates with your audience!
  • Enhance your email marketing campaignsAttention-Grabbing Visuals:
    Use AI-generated images to create visually stunning emails that capture your audience’s attention and stand out in crowded inboxes.
    Create eye-catching images that grab attention and drive clicks.
  • Dominate Google Images and Drive Massive Traffic:
    Harness the incredible power of AI-generated images, designed to rank high in Google Images Search, sending an unstoppable wave of targeted traffic directly to your website!
  • The Game-Changing Image Factory:
    Unleash the potential of AI-generated imagery, effortlessly creating an extensive collection of stunning, professional visuals to elevate your marketing campaigns, website, and social media presence to unimaginable heights!
  • The Ultimate Visual Sales Booster:
    Unleash the potential of AI-generated imagery to spotlight your products and services in a way that dazzles your audience, igniting their desire to purchase and propelling your sales to unimaginable heights!
  • High-Octane Conversion Success:
    Experience the magic of AI-crafted visuals that ignite your audience’s desire and compel them to act, transforming even the most skeptical prospects into raving fans and loyal customers!
  • The Multi-Platform Social Media Explosion:
    Tap into the phenomenal power of AI-generated images optimized for success across numerous social media platforms, amplifying your brand’s reach and making you the talk of the digital town!.
  • The Unstoppable Ad ROI Amplifier:
    Turbocharge your advertising campaigns with the unparalleled power of AI-generated images, designed to captivate your audience and skyrocket your ROI, leaving your competitors green with envy!
  • Use images to create a sense of urgency and scarcity:
    Harness the awe-inspiring potential of AI-generated visuals that ignite your audience’s fear of missing out, triggering a buying frenzy and transforming your sales performance into an unstoppable force!
  • Be A Visionary Visual Powerhouse:
    Leverage the awe-inspiring potential of AI-generated images that spark creativity and innovation, transforming your website into a recognized leader in your niche and making you the go-to source for inspiration!

AI-Optimized SEO: Dominate Search Engines and Crush Your Rivals with Unrivaled Digital Supremacy!

I will train your AI to be your personal SEO consultant, unlocking the secrets of search engine success and guiding you toward unparalleled online visibility and domination!

Experience the game-changing force of AI as it propels your SEO strategy into the stratosphere, rocketing your website to the zenith of search engine rankings. 

Command the digital battleground with AI-enhanced keyword analysis, razor-sharp on-page optimization, and a relentless focus on outperforming your competitors.

Unleash the full might of AI-driven SEO, generating an unstoppable torrent of organic traffic that surges to your website, hungry for only solutions you will provide. 

Seize the day, conquer the digital landscape with AI-Optimized SEO, and leave your competition in the digital dust.

  • Google is demanding Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (EEAT)
    You can only rank AI content when you prove all four EEAT factors in your articles
    Using run-of-the-mill prompts will doom your content to languish unranked and unloved by Google, and never to be found by your prospective site visitors. My secret EEAT prompts deliver sweet Google-love to your AI articles.
  • Save time and resources:
    Experience the magic of AI-generated solutions that streamline your SEO process, cutting down on manual labor and maximizing your ROI with minimal effort!
  • Boost your website’s authority:
    AI will help you boost your website’s authority by identifying the best opportunities for link-building, guest blogging, and other authority-building strategies.
  • Increase your website’s visibility: The Keyword and LSI Revolution:
    Harness the unstoppable power of AI-generated solutions that identify the best keywords, phrases, and LSI for your content, elevating your SEO strategy and propelling your business to the top of the rankings!
    AI will help you increase your website’s visibility by identifying the best keywords and phrases to target in your content and on-page optimization efforts.
  • Create a sustainable, long-term SEO strategy: The Secret to Enduring SEO Mastery:
    Experience the magic of AI-powered SEO solutions that create a sustainable, future-proof strategy, delivering unbeatable results and outstripping the competition year after year!
    AI will help you create a sustainable, long-term SEO strategy based on data and insights, ultimately driving better results and ROI over time.
  • Leverage natural language processingThe Keyword and LSI Revolution:
    Harness the unstoppable power of AI-generated solutions that identify the best keywords, phrases, and LSI for your content, elevating your SEO strategy and propelling your business to the top of the rankings!
    AI will help you leverage natural language processing to understand and respond to the intent behind users’ search queries, ultimately improving your website’s ranking and relevance in search results.
  • Increase your website’s traffic:
    AI will help you increase your website’s traffic by optimizing your content and website structure for search engines, ultimately driving more leads and conversions.
  • Save money and increase profitability: With AI, you will save on manual labor and improve your website’s SEO performance, ultimately increasing your profitability and ROI.

AI-Boosted Productivity: Shatter Any & All Barriers to Your Personal Efficiency!

Get ready to crush your to-do list and achieve more in less time with AI as your personal productivity guru, unlocking your full potential for soaring financial success.

Experience the exhilarating power of AI as it shatters all previous limitations on your personal productivity, transforming you into an unstoppable web publishing dynamo. Effortlessly juggle multiple projects with lightning-fast precision, automate repetitive tasks, and watch your output surge to unparalleled levels. 

AI-enhanced productivity tools give you the gift of time to strategize, create, and expand your digital empire while leaving mundane and time-consuming tasks to your intelligent digital assistant. 

Revel in the newfound freedom of AI-Boosted Productivity – and watch your web publishing prowess explode like never before!

  • No need to hire expensive free-lance writers for your sites:
    I’ll teach you how to train a Virtual Assistant (VA) to be an AI Content Crafter.
    This is a true game-changer in the niche publishing world.
  • Reduce your workload:
    Experience the magic of AI-powered personal productivity solutions that automate tasks and optimize your workflow, delivering unbeatable results and freeing up your time for more important things! By automating repetitive tasks & mundane tasks,, AI will free up time for more important tasks.
  • Increase your output:
    Experience the magic of AI-powered personal productivity solutions that optimize your output and streamline your processes, maximizing your productivity and elevating your performance to the next level! By streamlining workflows and improving efficiency, AI  empowers you to get more done quickly.
  • The Content Creation Breakthrough:
    Find new and exciting content creation ideas with AI-generated solutions that identify trends, analyze data, and deliver insights that ignite your creativity and drive your success to new heights!
  • Your High-Level Content Creation Solution:
    Unleash the awe-inspiring potential of AI-generated content creation solutions that revolutionize your editorial process, transform your content quality, and position you as the ultimate authority in your industry!
  • Improve content optimization:
    AI will optimize content to improve website ranking and increase traffic and engagement.
  • The Unstoppable Project Management Powerhouse:
    Experience vastly better project management with AI-generated solutions that streamline your workflow, optimize your resources, and propel your success to new heights!
  • The Secret to Unmatched Collaboration Mastery:
    Improve collaboration with team members and other leaders in your niche with AI-generated solutions that optimize communication, streamline processes, and create an unstoppable force that propels your success to new heights!
  • Increase innovationYou – The Innovation-Generating Juggernaut:
    Revolutionize your site and your niche with AI-generated solutions that spark creativity, generate ideas, and deliver insights that inspire innovation and drive your success to new heights!
    By identifying new opportunities and strategies, AI helps publishers increase innovation and stay ahead of the competition, ultimately improving productivity and profitability.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed: AI Web Profits Makes Mastery Effortless with Bite-Sized Lessons and Practical Applications

Achieving success can be as easy as taking small bites of pizza – by breaking down your goals into digestible lessons, you can savor the journey and enjoy the sweet taste of success. AI image created by Carl Vanderpal.

I understand this might feel overwhelming, my friend.

But don’t you worry, because we’re going to break it down into simple, easy-to-follow lessons that will guide you towards success like never before.

I’m talking about bold progress, rapid growth, and unstoppable momentum that will take you to the top.

This isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re ready to lock in and tackle your goals head-on, I will unleash the power of simple, bite-sized lessons that will change your life forever.

The AI Web Profits Course is designed with you in mind and meticulously crafted to break down complex concepts into easily digestible, bite-sized lessons. 

Each lesson, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, has clear video and text instructions to ensure you grasp every detail.

Starting with the fundamentals, our course carefully guides you through each step of the process, gradually introducing more advanced topics only once you’ve mastered the basics. 

And to ensure you have ample time to put your newfound knowledge to work, we deliver three lessons per week – allowing you time to implement each strategy on your website and social media platforms at a comfortable pace for you.

Once you’ve learned the core principles of working with AI, you’ll be amazed at how much simpler and easier everything becomes. 

Tasks that once seemed daunting will now be a breeze, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without the power of AI at your fingertips.

With AI Web Profits, you’ll never feel overwhelmed. Instead, you’ll experience the thrill of seeing your online presence grow stronger and more profitable while enjoying the journey every step of the way. 

So, take a deep breath and dive in – your path to online success is just a few clicks away!

The AI Web Profits Ironclad 28-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Your Ticket to Unrivaled Online Success – Risk-Free!

We’re so confident in the groundbreaking power of AI Web Profits that we’re offering you an unbeatable, no-questions-asked 28-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

Dive into our revolutionary course, and if you’re not utterly blown away by the incredible growth and digital domination it delivers, simply let us know within 28 days, and we’ll refund every single penny – no hassles, no hard feelings.

With AI Web Profits, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s time to take the plunge and experience the staggering power of our AI-driven system. 

Unleash your true online potential and watch your profits soar, backed by our rock-solid guarantee – because your success is our success!

JOIN NOW: Unleash Unstoppable Online Success at a Mind-Blowing Launch Price – Time Is Running Out!

Seize the moment and revolutionize your online business like never before! 

Our groundbreaking AI Web Profits course costs $499, but during this once-in-a-lifetime launch event, we’re offering you an astounding opportunity to save $300, bringing your investment down to a mere $199!

How To Earn $300 In 2 Minutes With Your Phone

There’s just one simple condition: in return for this jaw-dropping discount, all we ask is that you promise to pull out your cell phone and give us an honest video testimonial about your experience with the course sometime in the first three weeks.

To claim this exclusive offer, use the coupon code PROMISE when checking out. 

But don’t delay – the clock is ticking! Join AI Web Profits today, take the reins of your online destiny, and watch your digital empire explode with unparalleled success!

Fast Action Bonus: Exclusive, Limited-Time Access to Weekly Group Coaching and Update Calls 

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to supercharge your AI Web Profits experience! 

For those who act quickly and join during the month of March, we’re offering a highly exclusive Fast Action Bonus: limited access to weekly group coaching and update calls on Zoom!

These weekly sessions provide an unparalleled chance to ask questions and receive personalized guidance from Jim, ensuring you get the most out of your AI Web Profits journey. 

You’ll gain valuable insights, learn best practices, and discover insider tips as you mingle with other motivated individuals on the same path to unsurpassed online success.

But remember, this Fast Action Bonus is strictly limited, so don’t delay! 

Seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to elevate your online business to stratospheric heights with the added support of our expert-led group coaching calls. 

The clock is ticking – join AI Web Profits now and unlock the full potential of this exclusive Fast Action Bonus!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks is the course?

You get a lesson every 2 or 3 days for the next two months.
Each lesson is between 5 and 15 minutes long.
Each lesson has action steps to use AI in one important part of your online business.
I space them out so that you can comfortably learn the simple lesson and put it into action in your business.

We start with the basics and work up from there.
Within the first month you will start to see real results in your business.
In 2 months those results will speed up and get bigger.

Is this course the same as other courses?

Here’s how it’s very different.
The field of AI in small business is changing every day.
I am going to update the course when big changes happen.

Here’s my promise for this course,
You will learn everything I learn about AI in 2023.

What is covered specifically in the course?

You get everything mentioned here, and more.
You also get updates all through the year of 2023.

What happens each week?

A short powerful lesson is delivered to you every 2 or 3 days.
This gives you time to absorb the lesson,
This gives you time to actually put that lesson to work in your business.

How will it help me?

You will be helped in 4 ways.
AI will help you create great written content for websites and social media.
AI will help you create eye-catching images for websites and social media.
AI will help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get more traffic to your website.
AI will help your personal productivity.

I’m a newbie, will it work for me?

Every lesson has simple explanations of what to do and why.
Every lesson has simple steps to follow to achieve the results.
You do not need to know anything about AI in this course.
By the end of the course, you will be a master of using AI in practical ways that improve your business and improve your life.

This all seems overwhelming to me…

The AI Web Profits Course is designed with you in mind and meticulously crafted to break down complex concepts into easily digestible, bite-sized lessons. 

Each lesson, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, has clear video and text instructions to ensure you grasp every detail.

Starting with the fundamentals, our course carefully guides you through each step of the process, gradually introducing more advanced topics once you’ve mastered the basics.

Questions or Concerns?
Email me

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