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make money with ai webinars

AI Webinars: Your Ticket to Profitability in the Digital Age

Discover how AI is transforming webinars into profit powerhouses in this insightful article and video.

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make profitable webinars with AI

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Do More Webinars and Zooms

10. Reach the World
Webinars and Zoom let you connect with people worldwide, smashing geographical limits for your profits.

9. Budget Bliss
These tools save you big bucks on travel and venues, making profitability a breeze.

8. Engage Like Never Before
With real-time chats, polls, and Q&A, they supercharge engagement and make your profits soar.

7. Data Goldmine
Webinars and Zoom provide gold-standard data on what your audience loves, boosting your profits.

6. Lead Magnet
They reel in potential customers, turning viewers into profit generators.

5. Expert Status
Hosting webinars builds you up as a top-tier expert, boosting profits through the roof.

4. Flexibility Galore
These platforms let you set your schedule, ensuring profits without the hassle.

3. Sky-High Scaling
You can reach heaps of people without the physical space limits, skyrocketing your profits.

2. Laser-Sharp Targeting
Webinars and Zoom help you zero in on your perfect audience, leading to bigger profits.

1. Cash in on Content
And the top reason – they let you cash in directly on your valuable content, driving massive profits.

make money with ai webinars

an illustration of the prompt of the week

Here’s the prompt Sequence from the video

==> preceeds the actual prompt

⇒ Acting as  a marketing consultant, your job is the development of five simple service offerings tailored to a specific business niche, which can be packaged and sold in one-hour increments. 

These offerings should be crafted to attract potential customers, capitalizing on a proven lead magnet that has shown success in building my subscriber lise.

Each service must align with the defined customer avatar, ensuring that they are highly relevant and poised to deliver substantial value. 

The services should be designed not only to address immediate customer needs but also to facilitate a deeper understanding of your clients’ unique problems and challenges, establishing a foundation for ongoing consultancy. 

To proceed effectively, please gather the details of the business niche, the lead magnet you’ve been using, and the profile of your customer avatar. With this information, you  will be able to create a customized suite of service offerings that can enhance your consultancy and deliver significant value to our customers and prospects

Ask these questions one at a time before suggesting the five service offerings.
1. What are the details of your niche?
2. Describe your lead magnet
3. Describe your customer avatar.

Are you ready to ask now?

⇒ dig deeper into the needs of our prospects and give me 10 more totally new ideas

⇒ create an outline for a 1 hour webinar based on your suggestion [xxx]

⇒ make this outline more specific to [niche], with each section highly specific to this niche

Use these image prompts to start – but adjust according to your desires,

⇒ Now I want you to create an illustration that represents our ideal customer before they work with my brand. So help me visualize our ideal target customer before they discover my brand and learn our ways and experience the transformation that we provide. Please give me a clear visual concept that I can really see to help illustrate who our ideal customer is and the predicament that they are in in their current situation before they find our brand.

⇒ now help me create  the “after” image and illustration.. So, create an illustration that captures the feeling and the essence and the energy of our ideal customer who has experienced the transformation that our brand provides and show us a visual representation of what that looks like by creating a scene of our ideal customer and enjoying the benefits of having gone through the transformation that we provide.

⇒now please make a 2 panel illustration with before client on the left and after client on the right

⇒ do it again… only 2 panels.  make the before picture more emotional and the after picture more successful and happier.

⇒ please do it again making the before client more believable and only slightly unhappy, the after picture is fine, make both clients the same 35 year old woman in [downtown Perth]

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