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The Surprising New AI Feature from Apple You Need to Know

Quick Recap For The TL;DR Person

  • 🍏Apple’s partnership with open AI to integrate chat PT into their services is a direct challenge to Google’s AI capabilities.
  • 🔍Apple’s approach to AI is focused on privacy and running locally on the device, which sets them apart from other companies.
  • 📱Apple’s vertical integration with chip and software gives them an advantage over other manufacturers.
  • 🧠Google’s introduction into personalized tutoring with notebook LM is epic for teaching things, a feature that Apple doesn’t have.
  • 🔍Google Gemini’s integration with Gmail and Google Calendar is quickly becoming preferred over Chacha BT, showing exponential improvement in quality and depth of answers.
  • 📱The gap between Apple and Google’s AI releases is going to become less and less, making it an exciting time to be a tech enthusiast.

Here is a summary of the Apple AI Vs Google AI video for people who prefer to read.

Apple’s partnership with open AI and their focus on privacy and local device processing is challenging Google’s AI capabilities, but the gap between the two companies is narrowing, making it an exciting time for tech enthusiasts.

  • 🍎00:00 Apple and Google are both launching new AI features, with Apple partnering with OpenAI for chat PT integration and launching their own AI called Apple Intelligence, while Google is also launching new features such as Siri’s screen awareness and the ability to record phone calls and provide a summary transcript.
  • 🍎00:39 Apple’s new AI feature seamlessly adds addresses to contacts, with minimal backlash due to their strong privacy track record and local processing approach.
  • 🍎01:12 Apple’s vertical integration with chip and software gives them an advantage over manufacturers using Android, but Google’s AI and investment in other features also make them competitive.
  • 💡01:57 This 3in1 battery pack has high capacity, built-in USB type-c cable, wall plug, and fast charging, available in 10,000 and 5,000 milliamp sizes for $45.
  • 🍎02:38 Google AI features, like notebook LM, offer personalized tutoring, which Apple lacks, making it beneficial for learning in physics, high school, and college classes.
  • 🤖02:53 Apple and Google both offer AI features for personalized email and advanced features, but Gemini’s integration with Gmail and Google Calendar makes it the preferred choice. 
  • 🍎04:00 Apple is integrating a playground feature for generating images and emojis, but there is a concern about the discrepancies between free and paid features over time.
  • 🍎04:34 Apple’s AI focuses on user experience, while Google’s AI prioritizes productivity and search, but the gap between the two will narrow over time, leading to exciting advancements in technology. Collapse
    • Apple’s AI aims to improve user experience without being obvious, while Google’s AI focuses on productivity and search, but as time goes on, the gap between the two will narrow and lead to exciting advancements in technology.

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