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ChatGPT writes Questions for Japanese PM

A chatbot helped a Japanese lawmaker question the prime minister in parliament. The chatbot, ChatGPT, was developed by OpenAI and can generate natural language responses. This was the first time artificial intelligence was used in parliamentary deliberations in Japan.

Here are the main points in detailed bullet form:

  • Kazuma Nakatani, an opposition lawmaker, used ChatGPT to generate questions for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on a Covid-19 policy bill.
  • ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI that can produce natural language responses based on a given input.
  • This was the first time AI was used in Japanese parliamentary deliberations, which are usually highly scripted and predictable.
  • Kishida answered the questions with prepared text from relevant government officials, while Nakatani compared his answers with those suggested by ChatGPT.
  • The use of ChatGPT coincided with a call from AI experts and industry leaders to pause the development of powerful AI models until safety protocols are established.

Biggest Takeaway

The use of ChatGPT in the Japanese parliament shows how AI can influence political discourse and challenge the status quo. It also raises ethical and social questions about the role and responsibility of AI in public decision-making. As AI becomes more powerful and pervasive, it is crucial to establish clear and transparent guidelines for its development and use.

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