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Use AI to write a promise

Crafting The Perfect Promise: Article and Video Guide with AI Expertise

Unlock the art of impactful writing by understanding the transformative power of ‘The Promise.’ Dive deep into our comprehensive article, enriched with expert insights, and don’t miss my video tutorial. Together, they offer a holistic view, ensuring you master this essential technique in niche publishing.

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Use AI in blogging

The Bridge to Trust: Why Many Articles Need a Strong Promise.

Every article has a mission: to guide, to solve, to enlighten. Yours is no different. It’s not just a collection of words; it’s a beacon for readers submerged in problems. They’re looking for clarity, and your article offers that guiding light.

Central to this is “The Promise.”

The Promise is the essence, the core belief underlying every paragraph. It’s a bridge, connecting the murky waters of the “Before State” to the tranquil shores of the “After State.” The Promise doesn’t just acknowledge the pain of the “Before State.” It feels it. It empathizes with every doubt, every fear, every question mark that clouds the reader’s mind.

But The Promise doesn’t stop there.

It also radiates hope, illuminating the path to the “After State.” It sketches a vision of solutions, of understanding, of a world where problems are but distant memories.

Crafting this Promise requires finesse:

  1. Begin with empathy. Truly immerse yourself in the reader’s “Before State.” Feel their frustrations, understand their questions, and share their yearning for answers.
  2. Shine a light on the “After State.” Detail the transformation awaiting the reader. Describe the calm after the storm, the clarity following confusion.
  3. Use words that resonate. Dive into the psyche of your audience. Choose phrases and terminologies that mirror their innermost thoughts and emotions.
  4. Ground your promise in reality. While it’s essential to inspire, it’s equally crucial to ensure the promise remains within the realm of the achievable.

In essence, The Promise isn’t just a part of your article.

It’s its heartbeat. It’s what makes readers believe, trust, and, most importantly, hope. So, when you pen it down, do it with genuine care and deep understanding.

AI blogging assistance

Before and after – your promise to your reader
Prompt of the week

⇒ Act as a brilliant feature writer for a prestigious magazine.
I’m writing an article  about [topic], and it’s for [audience]. Before reading my article, the reader is [before state]. After reading the article, they’ll [after state]. 

I want your help creating a promise that connects their ‘Before State’ to their ‘After State’. The promise should:

–  Alleviate the reader’s pain point

– Show the transformation my article offers

– Express that transformation in a way that resonates with readers

– Sound believable and achievable

 Use short, punchy sentences, colloquial language, and contractions to create a compassionate and approachable tone, that connects with readers.

Before you write anything ask me (one at a time) to enter [topic] [audience] [pain points] [before state] [after state] one at a time.

⇒ now expand this to 3 paragraphs, using ALL the information you have gathered about topic, audience, pain points, before state, after state,

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