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Why Elon is Wrong about Apple Intelligence

Why Elon is 100% WRONG about Apple Intelligence

Apple’s AI technology is secure, private, and superior to other companies’ AI models, and Elon Musk’s claims about Apple’s AI are false and misleading.

Key insights From This Video

  • 🚫Elon Musk’s claims about Apple’s AI are false and misleading, spreading misinformation to over 200 million views on Twitter.
  • 📱Every device that supports Apple’s AI uses the CPU, GPU, and neural engine to run on device models within the secure Enclave, ensuring advanced security architecture for cloud AI compute at scale.
  • 📱Apple’s on-device models are trained using licensed data, including data selected to enhance specific features, not from their users’ personal phones.
  • 📱Apple’s on-device accuracy of instructions and prompts beat everything else by far, showing the power of their custom models.
  • 🍏Apple silicon servers run a brand new custom private Cloud compute OS designed for privacy, with a built-in secure enclave and trusted execution monitor.
  • 🔒User data on Apple’s PCC is cryptographically erased every time the PCC nodes secure Enclave processor reboots.
  • 🔒There’s a possibility that Apple will shift more of their services away from Amazon’s AWS to their own custom servers, making them even more secure.
  • 🍎Apple’s AI works seamlessly in the background, having secure and private access to personal data, unlike other companies that make you open an app or buy a dedicated hardware device.

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