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FREE and Low-Cost Image Makers for Niche Site Publishers

Are you a niche site publisher struggling to create visually appealing images for your website?

Look no further! In this blog post, we showcase some of the best free and low-cost text-to-image apps that will help take your website to the next level. From easy-to-use design tools to advanced features like custom layouts and text effects, these apps have everything you need to create stunning images that will grab the attention of your audience.
Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your website or simply want to make your content more shareable on social media, these apps are the perfect solution.

So, let’s dive in and explore the world of text-to-image apps!

I was inspired to make this post by Matt Wolfe of Future Tools.
That is where he collects and curates all the best AI tools. The site is wonderful!
Matt also has an outstanding YouTube Channel.

Midjourney is state-of-the-art for art!

If you, or your site is primarily concerned with artistic images then MidJourney is the best place for you.
MidJourney is a stable diffusion model that has been trained in artistic images. It has a collection of image settings and prompts that allow for the most control over the image.
Perhaps even better than that, it has a Discord community of many artists where you can learn best practices in art creation.

Click here to learn how to join MidJourney\

If your primary concern is for great illustrations for your site, then one of the apps below is probably better for you.

I am going to use a MidJourney style prompt in this survey of generative art apps in order to give you a feel for the various images created. This prompt itself is from Matt Wolfe, in a YT video he made about 3 free image apps.
I used it as it’s proven to make good images across many apps.

Here is the prompt I used for all the comparison images below, courtesy of Matt Wolfe.

portrait of a young queen with long wine color braided hair, royal guard purple outfit, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, oval face, art by Helena Nilulina

Canva Free

Canva is a brilliant design tool, easy to learn, and inexpensive.
The free tool above is OK, but it has limitations as to how many images you can make.
If you already have a paid Canva account, and use it for images, it’s text to image function is neither great nor terrible, but it is completely servicable.


Dall-E from OpenAi was one of the first apps to make a big splash.

Dall-E is not entirely free. The service runs on “credits(Opens in a new window).”

You get 50 free credits at signup, and then 15 credits free per month after that, but they don’t roll over. Paid credits do roll over month to month, for up to 12 months; get 115 credits for $15. Dall-E has many content restrictions and will not create images in the likeness of many famous people, for example. Still, with 50 free credits, you can see if it creates the images you want for your niche site. is another nice little image creator,
At $19/month, it’s slightly more expensive than alternatives.
It has a good image-to Image module for recreating images you like.
The trial period is decent though, so if you like the image below, give it a whirl
and see if it creates good images suitable for your website.

I bought a lifetime subscription to this app, which gives me 1500 credits per month, That way I can experiment to my heart’s content in order to get just the right images for any particular article I am writing.
It is a cost-effective and useful tool to create illustrations.

USP. ai has TheLatest AI models is utilizing state-of-the-art generative AI models such as Stable Diffusion v2.1, Midjourney 4, Midjourney paper-cut, and Anything v3, in addition to proprietary models, to produce high-quality images. This was a selling point for me!

As it stands at the time of writing, InstantArt is 100% free.
It also gives you the choice of many different models, so you can try the same prompt with the different models until you get an image you like.
This app is really good, and the current price makes it a no-brainer to join.
Seriously… FREE is good.

The first image below is just the test prompt with all the default settings.

Here is instant art with the MidJourney model 

Instant Art is free and quite decent.


I have a lifetime subscription to this outstanding tool.
It’s fast, creates great images, and has many good features.
Check it out here.

Example 2 from Aiseo art is another fine choice!

Dreamlike Studio is an AI-powered image creation and editing platform that provides users with a quick and iterative workflow for creating text2image, image2image, and image variations, as well as image enhancing via upscaling and face fixing. It offers a range of models to choose from, along with useful parameters to fine-tune creations, and a powerful image management UI for organizing, managing, and searching images.
The free plan is quite good.

Dream Studio Lite

DreamStudio is a tool for creating high-quality images from text using the Stable Diffusion image generation model. It includes a user-friendly interface and allows users to experiment with credits, with more available for purchase in the “My Account” section. It also includes an API key for generating images in external applications.

The free plan is ok, and paid plans are low cost.

Lexica provides access to a massive database of AI-generated images and their accompanying text prompts.
This database can be very helpful to any niche publisher!

It features a simple search box and discord link, a grid layout mode to view hundreds of images on one page, and a slider to change the size of the image previews. It is a great source of inspiration for AI-generated artwork, with over 5 million images and the ability to copy and remix text prompts.

The free plan is generous. At the time of writing, 100 free credits per month.
And as you can see, the images are gorgeous. Almost as good as MidJourney images, and much easier to create.

Conclusion: What do I Suggest For You?

First of all, experiment with the links above. See what you like!

Canva – If you have a Canva Subscription, that’s probably good enough.

Want lots of images? Look at or AISEO Art

Totally Free? Look at It’s free at the time of this writing

Great Database of Images? is a no-brainer.

Are you an artist or have an artistic site? MidJourney is the way to go.

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