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Free Friday #2

Happy Friday, folks!

Free Friday #2 was an absolute blast.

We kicked things off by diving into the week’s news, covering all the latest updates and happenings. Next up was a lively Q&A session, where we tackled your burning questions and enjoyed some fantastic discussions.

But that’s not all! We also spent time creating free images, letting our creative juices flow and having a blast in the process.

The cherry on top?

A simple, yet powerful prompt to make your writing stand out. It left our pieces feeling much more vibrant and engaging. A game-changer, truly.

Missed out on the fun?

Fret not! You can catch up by watching the recording. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.
So, go ahead and hit play!

To help your writing come alive ask ChatGPT for metaphors and similes when you’re stumped on how to keep your writing sharp and snappy.

I asked Midjourney for an illustration of “free Friday,” and this is what it gave me.

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