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Henry Kissinger’s Bizarre Predictions for the ChatGPT Revolution


Dr. Henry Kissinger, who is nearly a century in age and known for having shaped the Cold War, believes that advancements in AI technology represented by ChatGPT may alter man’s understanding of reality and even jeopardize fundamental democratic values.

Nothing quite exudes the epitome of “foremost authority on generative article intelligence” like a 99 year-old German man, whose actions nearly brought the world to the brink of nuclear war with a risky game of geopolitical chicken. This individual’s sheer audacity and boldness in such a high stakes situation is remarkable, setting an example for future generations and demonstrating what it truly means to be a leading figure in this field.

The alleged war criminal dished out those ideas in a recent editorial for The Wall Street Journal. 

The AI Stooges, made of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, computer scientist Daniel Huttenlocher and Henry Kissinger (formerly a Cold War Architect), created an op–ed piece claiming that ChatGPT and similarly developed AI have the potential to cause turmoil for modern Democracy, as it could ultimately modify human consciousness.

Eric Schmidt, a former Google executive who has traditionally been among the most credentialed of the Stooges in terms of technology, can benefit greatly from an AI panic. Holding sway in Barack Obama’s White House at one point, he actively advised a rate of favoritism for the tech industry when coming from Obama himself

Donald Trump appointed Schmidt to co-head the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (AI), charges with producing advice and reports for his administration and Congress. The purpose of this was to develop strategies for AI usage in national defense.

The report from Schmidt emphasizes the need for U.S. investment in AI capabilities to counter China’s progress, a point that is of personal interest to him as he affairs reported investments in military AI startups.

In conclusion, it is clear that these three Stooges are not the most reliable sources of advice when it comes to understanding the possible implications of a technology which has genuine and significant importance in reality.

Don’t just take my word for it; we invite you to continue reading below and learn about some of the wild, off-the-wall predictions made by Cold War warmongers regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots. Some of these forecasts may seem far-fetched, but others are surprisingly accurate.

Read the original article here

You can also see it here (paywalled) in the editorial for The Wall Street Journal. 

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