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how to write emails with ai

Master AI Email Writing: Engage and Educate Effortlessly

Unveil the secrets of AI-driven emails that not only catch your clients’ attention but also educate them with precision and ease. Step into a world where every email is tailored for impact, ensuring your messages are always on point. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to confident, effective client engagement. Join us to master the art of AI-enhanced email communication

Ready to make your emails smarter with AI?
Hit play on the video below and let’s get into some cool, easy prompts that’ll change the way you connect with clients. No jargon, just straight-up useful stuff. Let’s dive in

use ai to write your emails
Use the prompts of the week to write friendly, helpful and “human sounding” emails

Emails That Connect: Crafting Newsletters That Understand and Transform Your Audience

Picture this: you’ve got an email newsletter that’s not just a bunch of words, but a conversation.

It’s like sitting down for coffee with each person on your list. When it’s done right, it does wonders. Why? Because it feels like you’re right there, chatting with them, understanding what they’re going through.

Think about your own inbox.

The best newsletters are the ones where you feel like the writer gets you. They know your struggles, your dreams, and they’re right there with tips and stories that hit home. That’s the magic of a great email newsletter. It’s not just info; it’s a connection.

So, when you’re writing, picture that one person you’re helping.

What’s bugging them? What’s their big dream? Your email becomes this bridge between their struggles and their goals. And when you get that right, trust me, they’ll keep coming back for more. They’ll feel heard, understood, and a part of something. That’s the kind of loyalty and engagement every website owner dreams of.

Writing like this, it’s not just about sharing what you know. It’s about sharing it in a way that resonates, that feels personal.

And when you nail that, you’re not just a website owner anymore. You’re a go-to resource, a trusted friend in their inbox.

That’s gold.

you do the thinking, AI does the writing
You do the thinking, AI does the writing.

an illustration of the prompt of the week

Step 1 Identify the struggles and desires of your audience

Everything following ==> is the prompt for your chatbot.

⇒Act as an expert in email marketing.

I’m writing an informative email for [Target Audience].

The email format I want is  a compilation of quick and simple tips

It has to be educational, entertaining, and readable in 5 minutes or less.

The best newsletter topics are those that directly appeal to the reader, helping them overcome one specific problem and/or achieve one specific desire.

As an example, if my audience is diabetics with type 2, then a good newsletter article would be “5 Breakfast Ideas To Keep Your Blood Sugar Level Below 180.”

If my audience is founders who want to make more money with their SAAS, a good outcome would be “6 Easy Ways To Increase Your SAAS User Retention.”

Here’s how we’ll proceed:

1. Find 10 specific struggles that my audience is facing.

2. Find 10 specific desires my audience wants to achieve.

3. Come up with 10 specific newsletter topics that I can pick from.

Are you ready for me to enter [target audience]

Step 2 Choose a topic – define email outline criteria 

⇒ Let’s proceed with  [choose your topic and enter it here]

The goal is to have 3-7 subheaders.

Each section should:

1. Explain the idea in very simple terms

2. Show the potential of what applying this idea will help them achieve

3. Give a concrete example of how this works

4. Conclude with a simple action step the reader can take in 5 minutes or less in each section to make it actionable.

Example 1: If one of the subheaders shows YouTubers how to increase their thumbnail click-through rate, actionable advice would be about creating 2 variations of a thumbnail for a video they already have uploaded and then using a tool to set up an A/B test.

Example 2: If one of the subheaders shows busy managers with sleep problems how to decrease their caffeine levels, actionable advice would be to stop drinking coffee after 1PM and replace it with plain or sparkling water.

Please provide me with an outline I can use to write the newsletter 

Step 3 Write the informative email

⇒ Now, let’s write the email  following  the outline you just gave me

give me a choice of 3 highly clickable curiosity gap subject lines.

Start the email with a very brief friendly greeting and tell the reader why they should read on in this email

Each subsection should have a word count of 200 words

End with an appropriate call to action

Finish – Edit and add your own links 

AI can be a brillaint email marketing assistant.

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