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Convert press releases into articles

press release curation and successful AI websites

Transforming press releases into articles isn’t just about rewording – it’s an art. Our detailed guide, accompanied by a practical video, takes you through this process. Plus, get an exclusive look at how AI is shaping the future of online content, with a survey of successful sites built 100% with AI. Learn from the best and revolutionize your approach to content creation

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Some successful sites built with 100% AI content – see the results

Yes… you can build a website with 100% AI.

The website NichePursuits had a contest to see who could do best with 100% AI content.
Here’s what Spencer Haws had to say about the contest.

We have a winner!

After 90 days of growing an existing site with AI, the final winner is Karan Kumar Mallya!

And the best part? He reveals his domain and everything! Check out the final leaderboard right here.

You can see everyone’s videos, numbers, and even their website (if they shared it).

I’ve already contacted Karan, and will be sending him his $2,500 later today! Congrats, Karan!

See the Final Results and all the videos here.

website with 1--% AI content

Benefits of Converting Press Releases into Articles for Your Niche Site

Converting press releases into articles gives your csite content diversity.
Converting press releases into articles gives your csite content diversity.

Enhanced SEO

Turning press releases into articles boosts your site’s SEO. Regularly updated, relevant content improves search engine rankings, making your site more visible to potential visitors.

Authority Building

Articles derived from press releases establish your site as an authority in your niche. Providing insightful commentary or additional information on press releases shows expertise and knowledge.

Audience Engagement

Transforming press releases into articles can increase audience engagement. Articles allow for a more conversational tone and interactive elements, like comments, which foster community and repeat visits.

Content Versatility

Press releases converted to articles add content versatility to your site. This diversity in content formats caters to different reader preferences, keeping your audience more engaged.

Timely and Relevant Updates

Using press releases ensures your content is timely and relevant. This keeps your audience informed about the latest developments in your niche, making your site a go-to resource.

By repurposing press releases into articles, you can enhance your site’s value both to search engines and your audience, establishing your website as a key player in your niche.

turn press releases into articles

Best Practices For Converting Press Releases Into Articles

  • Pick the right press releases. …
  • Rewrite overly  promotional content. …
  • Change headline to be more catchy. …
  • Add key learnings or key takeaways. …
  • Add (more) images, pictures and videos. …
  • Remove corporate  boilerplate. …
turn press releases into articles

Top 5 press release websites

Here are the direct links to their main pages where you can find more information about searching for specific topics: I prefer EIN Presswire and PRWeb because of the ease of searching.

an illustration of the prompt of the week

Prompts To Rewrite Press Releases
The prompt follows the ==>

Alternative headline (H1 tag)

⇒ Please suggest 5 alternative headlines for this article. Write boldly!  Invoke curiosity in the headlines to generate a higher click-through rate.
The article is at [url]

First-person introduction

⇒ Now acting in your role as Jim Van Wyck, the news curator for write a first-person introduction to this important press release in your own words.  In the second sentence give credit to the source in a clickable link. Use some very short sentences. Be friendly and a little playful, but keep it professional. This is a serious topic.   We want everything you write in this conversation to be fun to read. Tell us why you liked this article and why the reader will too.

Detailed Summary 

⇒ Using the same tone and style, using your own original wording, write a very detailed and extensive summary of the main points Put them under an H2 heading called Main Points and use H3 headers for each main point .  No hyper links in your summary please. NOTE – no links

Key Quote From The Press Release

⇒ Find the most important quote in this press release.  Under the H2 heading Key Quote reproduce the quote exactly and give the name and position of the person quoted.

Key Learnings and Key Takeaways 

⇒ Write a concluding paragraph using your own words. Use very short sentences and medium length. Tell us the two biggest takeaways  from this article from your point of view and why it’s important to the reader. Keep writing in the same friendly but professional style. Use an H2 heading – Key Learnings & Takeaways

Related Articles From Around The Internet 

⇒Now tell the reader that they can learn more about the topic. .  Use an H2 heading Related Articles From Around The Internet
Then give a brief summary of each article you find, with a clickable link, and an H3 heading


⇒ Create a vibrant, corporate Memphis style illustration depicting [topic]. The illustration should feature bold, bright, contrasting colors. Incorporate flat design elements  to represent the topic in a dynamic and engaging way. The artwork should have a professional tone, suitable for a corporate setting, with a focus on conveying the essence of the topic in a visually appealing and simplified manner.
The [topic] is … 

Meta Titles &  Descriptions 

⇒ Act as an expert SEO and  Meta description writer. 

You are also a bold copywriter! 

Generate 5 meta titles and 5 meta descriptions for the article you have been helping me with. Title 70-80 characters and insert the keyword at the beginning, description with maximum 160 characters without keyword. 

Make the description really bold and enticing. Please create a table with two columns title and description and enter your result there.

Now act as an expert in on page SEO.  Please generate 5 curiosity gap meta titles and 5 meta descriptions.

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Converting press releases into articles gives your csite content diversity.

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