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Steve Wozniak Reacts to Apple’s New AI Tools

Key insights From Woz On Apple Intelligence

  • 🧠”I’m very interested in the Apple intelligence though.”
  • 🧠Wozniak emphasizes the importance of trying out AI tools to see what works and what doesn’t: “I still believe strongly you should try it and find out after it’s over.”
  • 🤖”I have A.I. myself. Yeah, actual intelligence.”
  • 🗣️The potential for Siri to surpass its peers in the A.I. assistant space.
  • 🧠The AI was meant to notify you of things like how long it’s going to take, what you should buy, and even remind you to get a birthday cake for your son’s birthday.
  • 📝Wozniak expresses excitement about the integration of features that were present in the Newton message pad 20 years ago into the current system.

Timestamped summary for people who’d rather read

Apple’s new AI tools have the potential to greatly improve user experience and save time, especially with features like handwriting correction and automatic calculations.

  • 💡00:00 People want to see innovation in software rather than hardware from Apple, and the speaker is particularly interested in Apple’s intelligence.
  • 👍00:38 Apple’s new AI tools were demonstrated and the speaker was impressed with the different software versions and changes.
  • 👍01:17 Apple’s new AI tools were impressive in the demos, but it’s important to try them out and see what works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to AI speaking for you.
  • 🤖01:49 Apple is developing new AI tools, and Steve Wozniak discusses how it will impact practical applications for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy individuals.
  • 👍02:34 Apple’s new AI tools should improve Siri’s ability to understand slightly complicated requests.
  • 👨‍💼03:06 Apple’s A.I. tools need big improvement to catch up with peers.
  • 💡03:43 Apple’s new AI tools aim to understand and notify users about their schedules, purchases, and important events.
  • 👍04:06 Apple’s new AI tools are promising and could save a lot of time, especially with handwriting correction and automatic calculations.

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