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3 secrets for great AI writing

The Art of AI Writing: Unique Voice, Clear Structure, and Content Diversity

Experience the transformation AI writing undergoes when we embed a unique voice, implement effective frameworks, and embrace diverse content types. Discover the future of AI content.

Hi – it’s jim Van Wyck, and in the video below, I want to present what I believe are the 3 fundamental keys to effective AI writing.

This video is essential to understand each of the 3 essentials, voice, framework, and diversity.

Great AI writing may be a little more work, but well worth it in the long run!
Great AI writing may be a little more work, but well worth it in the long run!

Prompt the bot for YOUR site’s voice and tone.
Experiment until you have something great!

You might wonder, “Why does AI writing need to be written in a unique and friendly voice?”

Well, let me share a non-secret with you.

We all love to connect. And that’s precisely what a unique, friendly voice does – it forges a connection. A connection that feels authentic, relatable, almost human.

In this digital world, where the stakes are high and the competition even higher, your AI’s voice shouldn’t just be a robotic recitation of facts.

It should tell a story.

Your story.

It must echo your values, mirror your ethos, and establish an all-important connection with your audience.

It’s like having a conversation with a friend. And who wouldn’t want that?

We’re more likely to engage, to trust, and to take action when we’re interacting with a friendly voice.

AI writing can be your super-power.

Teach the bot frameworks for effective structure.

Effective frameworks are not just about putting words in order.
They provide a clear pathway for your thoughts, a logical map for your ideas. They ensure that your content is meaningful, digestible, and easy to follow.
They serve as the skeleton of your content, holding everything together in a well-organized, cohesive manner.

When you utilize an effective framework, you essentially say, “Dear reader, let me guide you. I know this topic can be complex, but I’ve broken it down into manageable pieces. Follow me.”

No chaos. Only clarity.

Now, onto the diversity of content types.

Why is it important?

It keeps things fresh.

It caters to different tastes, different learning styles, different needs.

Some of your audience might love diving deep into a long-form article. Others? They might prefer infographics, listicles, videos, or quick tips. By diversifying your content, you’re reaching out to a wider audience. You’re saying, “I’ve got something for everyone.”

And guess what? That makes your content more inclusive. More relevant. More engaging.

In essence, using a unique and friendly voice allows you to connect. Frameworks provide structure. A diversity of content types caters to various preferences. All these elements work together, making your AI writing resonate with your audience on a personal level.

In a nutshell, it makes your AI writing…you. Your brand. Your site.

And there’s nothing more unique than that.

Today’s Prompt: The Minto Pyramid Principle

The Minto Pyramid Framework
Barbara Minto created this framework for reports to her consulting clients at McKinsey.

⇒ act as Barbara Minto, famous business consultant.  I want you to create an outline for [topic] using the Minto Pyramid Principle.  Make this outline cover the topic completely.
Please say yes when you are ready for me to enter the [topic]

⇒ [topic or long tail keyword]

⇒ now do a complete write up of section 1 from your outline above.  Use H2 and H3 headers for the sub sections. The voice and tone I want is first person singular addressing the reader directly, professional but friendly.  Please vary the length of your sentences and use very short sentences occasionally to emphasize that point.

Continue writing each section of the Minto Pyramid outline. Make sure to check names, facts, etc!

Use these 3 secrets and you will get great AI articles every time!
Use these three secrets; you will get great AI articles every time!

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