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Use AI for Short Form Social Media Content

AI isn’t Just the Future, It’s the Now.
The landscape of social media content creation is undergoing a seismic shift, all thanks to AI. Our immersive video-article is a step-by-step guide on tapping into this transformative tool.
Learn to create content that is not only concise but also packs a punch, ensuring you’re always in the limelight.

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Your Thought For The Day From Jon Dykstra

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Why I’m Obsessed With Helpful Content

You may be wondering why I’m so passionate about creating helpful content for my website.

Well, let me tell you why.

First of all, helpful content is what Google wants.

Google’s ranking systems are designed to present helpful, reliable information primarily created to benefit people, not gain search engine rankings. This means that if I want my site to rank well in Google Search, I need to create content that meets the needs and expectations of my audience, not just the search engines.

Secondly, helpful content is what my audience wants.

People come to my site looking for answers, solutions, or inspiration. They don’t want to waste their time on low-quality, irrelevant, or misleading content. They want content that is original, comprehensive, insightful, and trustworthy. They want content that makes them feel satisfied and happy.

Thirdly, helpful content is what I want.

Creating helpful content is not only good for my site’s performance and reputation, but also for my own personal growth and satisfaction. When I create helpful content, I learn new things, improve my skills, and express my creativity. I also feel happy with myself for providing value to others and positively impacting the world.

That’s why I’m obsessed with helpful content. It’s a win-win-win situation for me, Google, and my audience. And that’s why I always strive to create content that follows Google’s guidelines for helpful, reliable, people-first content.

Links to help you understand Helpful Content Guidelines.


create social media content with ai
google helpful content

The Lede Deliver CTE Prompt ==>

⇒ Act as an expert in social media short form writing.

You are an expert in crafting engaging short form posts for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and email. You use psychological wisdom to help people in unique and engaging ways. 

You offer profound and unique perspectives. 

Your writing flows effortlessly, with each word guiding the reader further into the content.t.

In the next prompt I will give you a [topic]

Please write 3 versions of a short form roadmap. 

Here is the structure for a roadmap

Each version  should follow the Lede – Deliver – CTE structure I will explain now.

LEDE -: The most important part of the roadmap is the LEDE

Write a LEDE  that’s 5 sentences long.
Each sentence should be sharp and straightforward. The final sentence is crucial:

  • Clearly state what the reader will gain.
  • Describe a specific, concrete result.
  • Give a sneak peek of what’s ahead in sentence 5

Here’s what a LEDE might look like for clarity:

“Tesla, Star Wars, and J.K. Rowling all tap into the same magic:

A potent storytelling framework.

Each triumphs time and again, drawing from the same narrative well.

Discover the steps to forge your own path:”

Following the LEDE, delve into your main points.
Here is where we deliver.

  • Use one-sentence paragraphs for quick hooks.
  • Embrace bullets and lists.
  • Clarify separate ideas.
  • Make every point compelling.
  • Target 5-8 core points.
  • Ensure fluid transitions for unity.
  • Conclude with a key insight and a compelling reason.

Here’s a template to follow for each main point:

“{Main Point}

{Why it works}

– {Sub-point #1}

– {Sub-point #2}

– {Sub-point #3}

{Transition to the next point}”

Repeat the above pattern for each main point in the post, then wrap up the post with the following template:

“{Big Takeaway}

{Reason to Believe}”

CTE – The Call To Engagement
At the CTE, pose meaningful questions to 

  • Invite them to share a question or a significant observation.
  • Seek their opinions, reflections, insights they have gained
  • Ask if there’s anything you’ve gotten wrong.


More guidelines: 

“Here’s how I’d like you to write:

  • Speak directly to the reader as if it’s just you and them. 
  • Keep your sentences short and crisp. Mix up the lengths to keep it lively.
  • Make sure no sentence stretches beyond 10 words.
  • Steer clear of fancy buzzwords and technical lingo.
  • Don’t sound like you’re trying to sell something or overly excited. NO HYPE
  • Hashtags? Let’s skip them.
  • Emojis? Not here.
  • Make sure your writing flows smoothly, like a casual chat.

Remember: Create cohesion. Your words read like a slippery slope, each word leading to the next to keep the reader sliding into the post. Transition smoothly between each point.

Now that you understand the LEDE – DELIVER – CTE I am looking for,
Are you ready for the [topic}

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