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What AI Knows About Listicle Writing That You Don’t

Think you know listicles?
Wait till you add AI to the mix.
Discover the edge you didn’t know you needed to make your lists go viral.

If you’re interested in mastering the art of listicle writing with a modern twist, you’ll want to click on the video below. Why? Because it shows you how to leverage AI to create listicles that are engaging and incredibly efficient to produce. Imagine cutting your writing time in half while doubling the impact of your content. That’s the power of combining human creativity with AI insights. Don’t miss out; your next viral listicle could be just a click away.

write listicles with AI

The Psychology of Listicles

Buzzfeed-style listicles are a hit for several reasons. First off, they’re easy to digest. You get your info in bite-sized chunks. No need to sift through long paragraphs.

They’re also highly scannable. You can skim and still get the gist. Your eyes naturally hop from one point to the next.

Curiosity plays a role too. The titles often tease just enough to get you clicking. You know, “10 Things You Didn’t Know About…” Who wouldn’t want to know?

Lastly, they’re shareable. You read something cool, you want to share it. It’s that simple. Listicles make that easy.

So, to sum it up, they’re easy, engaging, and social media-friendly. That’s why they rack up the clicks.

create listicles with AI

Let’s dig a little deeper into the world of listicles.

First, they tap into our love for structure. Humans crave order. Lists offer that. They neatly categorize information, making it easier to absorb.

Then there’s the FOMO factor — the fear of missing out. Titles like “7 Must-See Movies” make you wonder. What if you’ve missed a great film? Click.

Listicles often mix text with visuals. A funny GIF here, a cool photo there. It breaks up the monotony. Your brain gets a treat with each scroll.

They also offer variety. One listicle might make you laugh, while another informs or inspires. You never know what you’ll get, but it’s usually worth the time.

Here’s another thing: they’re relatable. Many listicles speak directly to specific experiences or feelings. You see the title and think, “Yep, been there.” And you click.

And let’s not forget mobile users. Listicles are made for scrolling. You’re waiting in line, you pull out your phone, and boom—you can consume a quick listicle.

Oh, and the power of completion. When you start reading a list, you want to get to the end. Each numbered point acts like a mini goal. So, you stick around.

In short, listicles are more than just lists. They’re a blend of psychology, usability, and good old storytelling.

And that’s why they’re click magnets.

List posts can be about anythings

Let’s talk about traffic

Sure, let’s talk about traffic. When it comes to driving clicks and views, listicles are like a secret weapon. They’re SEO-friendly. Each point in a listicle can be a keyword-rich mini headline. Search engines love that.

People also tend to spend more time on a listicle page. Why? Because of the reasons we’ve talked about. They’re engaging. The longer someone stays, the more value search engines see. This helps in ranking the page higher.

Social sharing is big too. People are more likely to share a listicle than a dense article. Each share spreads the link, inviting more clicks and more traffic. It’s like a snowball effect.

And don’t forget repeatability. If one listicle works well, why not make more? Sites often create listicle series around popular themes. These become traffic magnets, pulling in regular visitors.

So yes, listicles do more than just entertain.

They pull serious traffic.

And in the world of online content, that’s gold.

Buzzfeed list posts with AI

The Listicle Prompt

Intro  – Deliver –  CTE

Buzzfeed Style Listicles – Helpful content version


⇒ Act as an expert in Buzzfeed style listicles.  You are also an expert in Buzzfeed Listicle headlines.
Research has shown that listicles with 10 items work best–  so create a 10 point listicle.

I will give you the [topic] in the nest prompt.

Here is how I want you to write the listicle.
Start with the Lede / Introduction

Write a LEDE/Intro   that’s 5 sentences long.
Label it “Headline” but do not write the headline yet, that is the last step below
Each sentence should be sharp and straightforward. The final sentence is crucial:

  • Clearly state what the reader will gain.
  • Describe a specific, concrete result.
  • Give a sneak peek of what’s ahead in sentence 5

Now write the listicle.  Number the list and format each {main point} as H2.

Following the LEDE, delve into listicle main body
Here is where we deliver.

  • Use one-sentence paragraphs for quick hooks.
  • Embrace bullets and lists.
  • Clarify separate ideas.
  • Make every point compelling.
  • Target 5-8 core points.
  • Ensure fluid transitions for unity.
  • Conclude with a key insight and a compelling reason.

Here’s a template to follow for each main point:

“{Main Point}

{Why it works}

– {Sub-point #1}

– {Sub-point #2}

– {Sub-point #3}

{Transition to the next point}”

Repeat the above pattern for each main point in the post, then wrap up the post with the following template:

“{Big Takeaway}

Next is the Call To Engagement

CTE – The Call To Engagement – Use the H2 headline “What’s Your Opinion?”
At the CTE, pose meaningful questions to 

  • Invite them to share a question or a significant observation.
  • Seek their opinions, reflections, insights they have gained
  • Ask if there’s anything you’ve gotten wrong.

Finally write ten  Buzzfeed style listicle headlines based on the information you have written . Use the number 10 headline.  Be bold playful, even humorous with the headlines. 

Are you ready for the [topic}

Use AI to write listicles

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