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Chatbots help you improve your articles.
Chatbots help you improve your articles.

Why Add External Links To Your Articles?

For the Reader:

Including exterior links to helpful articles in your blog posts is nothing short of a treasure trove for the reader.
It signifies a bold commitment to quality, guiding them to further resources that add depth and context to the content.

This isn’t just a minor perk; it’s a monumental advantage in crafting an informative and engaging reading experience. The reader doesn’t just skim the surface; they can dive deep, exploring new avenues of knowledge and information.

These links create a web of wisdom, connecting ideas across the digital landscape. They serve as a gateway to a richer understanding, and that, my fellow niche publisher, is the true hallmark of valuable content!

Use AI to beat your competition.
Use AI to beat your competition.

For SEO and Google Rankings:

Now, let’s talk about the big guns – SEO benefits.

Including external links in your blog posts is akin to placing a turbo-charged engine in a sports car. It propels your website’s ranking on search engines like Google and does so with gusto!


Google’s algorithm views these links as a sign of credibility and authority. I
t’s not just content you’re throwing out there; it’s a well-researched and interconnected piece of digital creation.
By linking to authoritative sites, you’re telling search engines, “I know what I’m talking about, and here’s the evidence.” This isn’t a gentle nudge in the rankings; it’s a giant leap! It enhances your site’s visibility and positions it as a beacon of reliability in the vast sea of online content. “

The end result?
More traffic, engagement, and a prominent presence in Google’s search results.

In summary, exterior links are like a double-edged sword, enhancing the reader’s experience on one side and boosting SEO on the other. It’s a strategy that doesn’t merely add to your content; it amplifies it, turning ordinary blog posts into extraordinary resources.
Now that’s what I call a powerful tactic.

AI helps you with valuable exterior links.
AI helps you with valuable exterior links.

Scholarly Research and Citations:

Linking to academic studies is powerful. It shows you’ve done your homework.
Readers see that experts back your information.
They trust you more.

Search engines notice too.
Google loves well-researched content. It’s not just fluff; it’s fact.
Link to scholars, and your rankings can go up.
It’s like a stamp of quality on your blog.

Bottom line? Scholarly links make your writing strong.
They make you a trusted source.
People come back for more.
Search engines rank you higher.
It’s a win-win. Use it, and watch your content shine.

Chatbots help you write valuable and helpful content.
Chatbots help you write valuable and helpful content.

Why Add Links To Closely Related Books?

Let’s dive into the powerful benefits of using affiliate links to highly related Amazon Books in your niche site articles.

For the Reader and Amazon Cookie:

Affiliate links to related Amazon Books aren’t just promotional tools; they’re bridges to valuable resources.
When you link to a book that’s relevant to your content, you’re giving the reader an instant path to more information or entertainment.
Clicking on that link also places an Amazon cookie on the user’s device. This means you earn a commission if they buy anything on Amazon within the next 24 hours. You get credit … and commission… for ANYTHING they buy.

It’s not just about making a quick buck; it’s about guiding your readers to resources that enrich their understanding. You’re helping them, and in return, they’re supporting you. It’s a transparent and mutual relationship.

Google Search Benefits:

Now, here’s where things get interesting in the realm of SEO.
Google recognizes the value you’re providing by linking to relevant products.
Your blog post isn’t just a standalone piece; it’s a hub that connects readers to additional resources, like books that deepen their knowledge or entertain them.
By doing this consistently and responsibly, Google sees you as a valuable guide, not a mere promoter.
This can positively affect your search rankings, driving more traffic to your site.

However, it’s crucial to use these links judiciously and ensure they genuinely add value to the content.

That’s how you turn affiliate links into a powerful tool that benefits everyone: the reader, Amazon, and you.
In this game, honesty and relevance are the keys to success!

The bots are your writing friends!
The bots are your writing friends!

Why Include Product Links In Your Articles?

Amazon product links can be a game-changer for certain blog articles, offering an edge over book links.

Here’s why: When your content revolves around topics like product reviews, how-to guides, or lifestyle advice, linking directly to related Amazon products aligns perfectly with the reader’s intent.

They don’t just want information; they may also be looking for tools, gadgets, or accessories that align with the content. You’re serving the reader’s immediate needs by including these specific product links, providing a seamless transition from learning to purchasing.
It’s a focused and strategic approach that enhances user experience and offers a direct path from insight to action. While book links deepen knowledge, product links meet practical needs.
Both have their place, but product links hit the bullseye when the subject calls for tangible solutions!

Write helpful content with the assistance of BingChat
Write helpful content with the assistance of BingChat

Comparison Tables Sometimes Add Value To Your Helpful Content

Including a 2-column comparison table in some articles is like providing a spotlight on critical details.

When dealing with products, concepts, or options with distinct features or differences, a comparison table lays it all out, clear and simple.
Readers don’t have to wade through paragraphs of text to weigh their options; they can see the contrasts and similarities at a glance. It’s all about efficiency and clarity.

A comparison table cuts through the noise and delivers the facts, making the decision-making process smoother and the reading experience more satisfying.

It’s not just informative; it’s user-friendly and a win for everyone.

Use AI for powerful CTA buttons.
Use AI for powerful CTA buttons.

Why Use Unique and Powerful CTA Buttons?

Unique and powerful Call to Action (CTA) buttons are the driving force behind enhancing click-through rates and profits for niche publishers.

Unlike generic CTAs, these specialized buttons speak directly to the targeted audience, resonating with their specific needs and desires.
They don’t just say “click here”; they make a bold promise, offer a compelling benefit, or stir an emotion that aligns with the niche content. This personalized appeal grabs attention and prompts action.

More clicks mean more engagement, more leads, and ultimately, more conversions into sales or subscriptions.

It’s a streamlined path from curiosity to commitment, turning casual browsers into loyal customers. In a crowded digital landscape, unique CTAs are not just an accessory; they’re a necessity, fueling both click-through rates and the bottom line.

That’s strategic marketing at its best!

Writing with a bot looking over your shoulder is much, much easier.
Writing with a bot looking over your shoulder is much, much easier.

Prompts Of The Week

These link prompts work much better on Bingchat than any other chatbot. The video at the top of this page explains why.

The one exception is the prompt for the 2-column table. That works better in ChatGPT+
==> is at the start of the actual prompt.
[topic] is entered by you according to the topic of the article you are writing.

Related Articles Exterior Links

⇒ tell the reader that they can learn more about the [topic] . 
Use an H2 heading Related Articles From Around The Internet
Then give a brief summary of each article you find, with a clickable link, and an H3 heading

Say yes when you are ready for me to enter the [topic]

Scholarly Research Exterior Links

⇒ List 3 different peer-reviewed studies concerning [ topic ] and for each study list in bullet point format:
Use an H2 header at the top called Scholarly Research about [Topic]
1. Date of publication
2. A summary of the abstract and conclusion
3. The main author
4. MLA citation
5. Clickable link to the abstract that says “read the abstract here”
Say yes when you are ready for me to enter the [topic]

Amazon Book Links

⇒ Please research and suggest 5 book titles related to the topic of [topic]
Put each title in a clickable h3 heading. Give a 1 line summary of the book, and a clickable link to that book on Amazon that says “Check this book out on Amazon”.
Put all 5 books under an H2 header saying Related Books You May Be Interested In.
Say yes when you are ready for me to enter the [topic]

Amazon Product Links

⇒ Please research and suggest 5 products related to the topic of [topic]

Put each product name title in a clickable h3 heading. Give a 1 line description of the products and a bold clickable link to that product on Amazon that says “Check The Price on Amazon”
Put all 5 products under an H2 header saying Related Items You May Be Interested In.

Say yes when you are ready for me to enter the [topic]

Create a table

⇒ create a 2 column table about [topic]
Say yes when you are ready for me to enter the topic

CTA Button Text

⇒ Create 5 call-to-action button ideas for my  [product]. CTA should be less than 4 words. Focus on benefits or actions related to [product].
Say yes when you are ready for me to enter the [product]

Chatbots make the best writing assistants!
Chatbots make the best writing assistants!

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