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Use google results to win

Why Google SERPs Are Your Roadmap to Publishing Success

Stop leaving your publishing success to chance. Google SERPs can be your secret weapon. Learn how to optimize your content, select winning keywords, and outperform your competitors—all before you even write a single word.

Choosing what to publish is your #1 task, no doubt about it.

It’s the starting point that sets the tone for everything else. Get it right and you’re halfway to success. Get it wrong, and you’re back to square one, scratching your head.

Watch the video below to arm yourself with the know-how you need to make winning choices every time.

check google before publishing

Why Check Google SERPs Before Publishing

Get to Know the Landscape

So, you’ve got an idea for an article. Great. But before you even start typing, check out Google’s SERPs. It’s like doing a recon mission. You see what’s out there and what you’re up against. Knowing the landscape helps you position your article better. You can find gaps that other articles aren’t filling. Or maybe realize you need a new angle entirely.

Assess the Competition

It’s tough out there. And the Google front page is the big league. If you find it’s packed with authority websites, ranking will be hard. That’s a signal. Maybe aim for long-tail keywords or a more specialized topic. On the flip side, if you spot forums or low-authority blogs, that’s your green light. You could definitely compete there.

Refine Your Keywords

Keywords aren’t just add-ons. They’re the backbone of your article. When you check the SERPs, pay attention to the words or phrases that pop up. You may find that the keyword you planned on using is good, but another is even better. Fine-tune your article’s focus based on this.

Answer Additional Queries

We all love that “People also ask” box. It’s a treasure trove of related questions. Maybe your article is about growing succulents indoors. And you see a related question about best soil for succulents. Well, why not include that? By answering these extra questions, your article gains more ground. And hey, you’re being helpful. That’s a win-win.

Spot Content Trends

SERPs are like a trending page. If you see that newer articles are ranking high, that’s a cue. Google might be favoring fresh content. It’s the same with types of content. If how-to guides are getting top spots, maybe that’s the format you should be looking at.

Set a Quality Benchmark

Last but not least, this is about quality. When you look at what’s ranking, you’re essentially seeing what Google considers good. That’s your benchmark. Aim to create content that’s as good, if not better. Give it your best shot. Meet the standard or raise the bar.

In the end, checking Google SERPs is like a warm-up before a workout. It preps you for the game. It gives you a sense of direction. Follow this roadmap and you’re more likely to hit the mark. Simple as that.

Google SEO tips

Blogging Tips From The Video

google seo tips

My Process & Checklists

My AI Process For Topic Clusters, Articles, etc.

Click here for the full process. Everything you need to know.

Or simply click the image below to take you to that process.

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