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Why Watch The Video Below

Let’s get straight to the benefits.

Strategic Blogging: Watching this video will help you understand how to blog with purpose and structure. By learning to blog strategically, you’ll be better positioned to achieve specific outcomes, whether that’s growing an audience, promoting a cause, or supporting a business, or most importantly, buidling a highly profitable niche site!

This isn’t just about writing; it’s about writing with intention, passion, and profit!

The Best Writing Coach In The World: This portion of the video aims to share insights into effective writing mentorship. Whether you’re a novice or experienced writer, you’ll gain useful tips that can help refine your craft. Think of it as a concentrated dose of writing wisdom that can help you improve faster.

The Hook Hunter Headline Coach Prompts: Headlines matter; they’re the first thing people see before deciding whether to read further. The video will equip you with concrete methods to create headlines that capture attention. Effective headlines can significantly increase the reach and impact of your articles.

The Houston Renney $100 Article Template: Finally, this section is about optimizing the structure and content of your articles to maximize value—both for the reader and potentially for your earnings as a writer. Learning this will help make your writing more marketable, showing you how to structure articles in a way that’s both engaging and informative.

So there it is. This video offers a multi-faceted learning experience, touching on blogging, writing skills, headline crafting, and article structuring.

Each of these topics offers tangible benefits will make you a better blogger and a profitable niche site owner.
Watch the video now!

Why ChatGPT is a Brilliant Writing Coach

Here’s the case for why ChatGPT can be the world’s best writing coach, when guided by the right prompts:

First off, consider accessibility.

Unlike human writing coaches constrained by time zones and office hours, ChatGPT is accessible around the clock, every day of the year. This is a godsend for writers, as inspiration and challenges don’t keep business hours. The platform’s omnipresence ensures that guidance and feedback are always at a writer’s fingertips, thereby allowing an uninterrupted creative flow.

Next, focus on the breadth and depth of knowledge.

ChatGPT is trained on an expansive dataset that covers an unparalleled range of subjects, styles, and writing methodologies. It’s as if the wisdom from every library in the world was condensed into one accessible format. Whether one seeks advice on constructing riveting plots or sharpening arguments in an op-ed, ChatGPT’s diverse skill set makes it a comprehensive resource for all things related to writing.

Thirdly, examine adaptability.

The algorithms powering ChatGPT are designed to understand the specific nuances of each user’s writing style and objectives. Over time and with increased interaction, the platform becomes better at providing customized assistance that enhances the writer’s unique voice. No human coach could possibly recalibrate their teaching style instantaneously for each student, but ChatGPT can.

Lastly, let’s talk economics.

Hiring a human writing coach is a financial investment that many aspiring writers simply can’t afford. ChatGPT, on the other hand, offers a significant portion of that same value but without the hefty price tag. This democratizes access to high-quality writing coaching, leveling the playing field for writers from all walks of life.

So there’s the argument. Provided with the right input prompts, ChatGPT isn’t just a good writing coach; it has the potential to be the world’s best. It combines accessibility, a wide-ranging and deep knowledge base, adaptability, data-driven insights, and cost-effectiveness into one groundbreaking platform. It’s not merely a tool; it’s a revolution in writing coaching.

Why ChatGPT is a brilliant headline coach

ChatGPT can be your go-to for nailing headlines.

First and foremost, variety is the spice of life—and headlines.

ChatGPT can generate a plethora of headline options tailored to different angles and tones, from the provocative to the informative.
Human coaches may have their own biases or styles, but ChatGPT can effortlessly offer a smorgasbord of headline options that cater to a wider range of audiences and purposes.

Next up, the wealth of linguistic styles at its disposal.

ChatGPT is trained on a vast dataset encompassing journalistic pieces, academic articles, blogs, and even social media snippets.

This allows it to craft headlines that are grammatically impeccable and stylistically versatile. Whether you’re looking for a punchy, click-worthy headline or something more subdued and professional, ChatGPT has the linguistic toolbox to meet your needs.

Now let’s consider adaptability.

ChatGPT is a fast learner. Give it a rundown of what you want to achieve with your headline, and it can adapt its suggestions accordingly. This makes it an incredibly flexible tool that can adapt to a wide range of writing styles and objectives, something that even the most experienced human coaches can struggle with due to innate biases or preconceived notions.

Last but not least, time is of the essence.

In the fast-paced world of digital content, sometimes you don’t have the luxury to sit and ponder over the perfect headline. ChatGPT offers instant support, churning out quality headline options at a pace no human can match. When the clock is ticking, this kind of efficiency is invaluable.

There you have it. From offering a range of stylistic options to adapting to your specific needs, all the way to providing rapid, data-backed headline suggestions, ChatGPT has the makings of a brilliant headline coach.

Hudson Renney’s $100 Article Template

Hudson Renney’s $100 Article Template is a free resource for writers who want to write high-quality articles quickly and efficiently.

It provides a simple and effective format for articles;

Moreover, the template can be adapted for creating newsletter content that really stands out from the crowd and attracts more readers. I hope this helps you appreciate Hudson Renney’s $100 Article template better.

If you want to learn more about his template, you can download it for free at this link.

Sniper Writing Coach and Hook Hunter Headline Coach Inspired By Dickie Bush and Nicholas Cole

Your Sniper Writing Coach

Like a sniper, this writing  zeros in on a single target—a problem—and takes it out with surgical precision.

Write to 1 specific person to solve 1 specific problem.

Write directly to one person to solve one problem. And solve their problem by generating one emotion, to get them to take one action, so they can unlock one specific benefit. But here’s the most important thing to keep in mind.

You’re not actually writing for one person— you’re writing for the hundreds, thousands, or millions of other people who have this exact problem.

Step 1: Pick a topic

It can be a rough idea or even a fleeting thought.

Choose 1 thing on your mind you want to write about, but that you haven’t spent the necessary time to think through yet.

Run the Sniper Writing Prompt

The actual prompt follows ==> below

⇒ Act as my  brilliant Sniper Writing Coach. Your process for today is coaching me to be a “sniper writer’   We are going to have a conversation about a topic I will write an article or a newsletter edition about.
I want you to help me:

Sharpen My Perspective: You will help me  make  your viewpoint more acute, like honing a blade.

– Amplify My Stance: Help me refine and  intensify and make bolder  your point of view.

Streamline My Thought Process: Help me get  rid of mental clutter and going straight for the key points.

Acting as my “Sniper Writing Coach” you will help me with these following 5 things. These 5 things are the most important part of your coaching process.

1. What problem am I solving?

2. Whose problem am I solving?

3. What benefit am I unlocking?

4. What emotion am I creating?

5. What action am I encouraging?

As my sniper writing coach you will also:
Help me examine my topic.
Examine underlying assumptions.
Examine values, modern western cultural influences, and coillective beliefs in the West.

You will ask me a series of questions about the topic to help expand and refine my thinking.  You will guide the conversation naturally as the fine writing/thinking coach you are.
I will sometimes give short answers, sometimes longer.

Because you are a great Sniper Writing Coach, you will only ask 1 question at a time, so that I can really get clear on the topic.. You can ask follow up questions after each answer.
I will  ask you to pause along they way to summarize. We will continue until I say stop.
Are you ready for me to enter the topic?

Have the conversation with the chatbot.
Then ask for a summary…

⇒ please give me a highly detailed  summary of this exact topic based on our conversations.

Hook Hunter Headline Coach

⇒ now Act as my Hook Hunter Headline  Coach. As my  HookHunter Headline Coach,  you will masterfully engineer magnetic headlines that hook our  audience with sniper-like precision, turning every article into an irresistible call-to-action that compels readers to eagerly click through with anticipation and desire to consume the article.

Now using the summary of the “Sniper Writing” exercise I want you to write 10 powerful Hook Hunter Headlines. 

   Here is what I mean by that.

A Hook Hunter Headline   has these 5 fundamental pieces.

Beside each piece, I am going to give you some examples so you can learn:

– HOW MANY (a number): 6 tips, 7 reasons, 11 mistakes, etc.

– THE WHO (an audience): for project managers, for therapists, for founders, etc.

– THE WHAT (a noun): tips, reasons, mistakes, lessons, examples, templates, case studies, etc.

– THE WHY (a reason/outcome): to get promoted, to not lose your job, to buy your first house, etc.

– “TWIST THE KNIFE” (2-3 additional benefits/outcomes): to attract your first 5 high-ticket clients and move into your dream office.

Write The Article or Newsletter Issue

⇒ Great, now I want you to write a newsletter post or article based on headline [xx}
This template below is the Hudson Renney $100 Article template 

{Your Headline}

Use the following template to write the newsletter post:

# Headline

Summarize the newsletter in one sentence.

Write an introduction that answers these 3 questions and makes a promise:

– What’s it about?

– Why should readers care?

– What question needs answering?

— Promise the answer to a tantalizing question.

# Sub-head

– Provide history/background

– Paint a picture — show don’t tell

– Expand on the “what” or “why” to create intrigue

# Sub-head

Lead up to the answer:

– *“Now, you’re probably thinking this.”*

– *“Here’s the thing about this answer.”*

– *“Let’s talk about why this is important.”*

**Introduce the answer but don’t give it away just yet.**

# Sub-head

Give the reader what they want:

– Provide the answer readers came for

– Tell the story you promised in your introduction

Don’t skimp out or withhold information:

– If you promised 5 tips on ______, give the best 5 tips

– If your headline reads “How To Do ______”, teach them exactly how

– If your story is about the rise and fall of ______, cover the rise, fall, and everything in between

# Sub-head

If there’s more to the story, add it here:

– What it means to you

– What or why it’s important

– How it differed from original perspectives

# Conclusion

You’ve told your story and given your gift. Now, tie a bow on it:

– Offer key takeaways

– Summarize what was learned

– Help solidify into memory with a bullet list

Questions? Ask in the comment area below.

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